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Jack Davies

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Jack leads the content team at Qualtrics, managing a team of writers and editors who eat, sleep, and breathe Experience Management. He occasionally writes too. Before joining Qualtrics, he spent over 10 years working in advertising and journalism.

Articles attributed to Jack Davies

Your employee feedback might be just the thing your customers want

Frontline employees often know your customers best. And their ideas can lead to breakthrough moments – just ask Sony, Microsoft, and 3M who’ve all seen major breakthroughs in the past thanks to em...

By Jack Davies

What is employee net promoter score (eNPS) and how can it be used to improve employee engagement?

What is eNPS? How does it work? Is it an accurate way to measure how your employees feel about your company, and how can it be used to boost employee engagement? What is eNPS? eNPS – aka employee ...

By Jack Davies

Qualtrics partners with NORC at the University of Chicago to bring enhanced rigor and versatility to US population research

Probability-based survey panels offer the relative affordability and speed of panel-based research, with an additional layer of statistical confidence. That’s why we’ve partnered with NORC’s pro...

By Jack Davies

Insights are great — but taking action is what we need now

We all have insights — and right now many organizations have more than they ever had before. Find out how to go one step further and use them to drive real change and take action to improve the expe...

By Jack Davies

5 challenges in getting back to school (and 5 ways to tackle them)

Find out how you can get back to school with feedback from families, students, and staff at the heart of the actions you take to ensure everyone feels safe, supported and ready to re-start education a...

By Jack Davies

Must-see government and public sector sessions at X4 2020

It’s the biggest Experience Management event in the world, so you won’t be short of things to see. Check out our guide to the must-see sessions for government and public sector organizations at X4...

By Jack Davies

Experience Utah’s iconic ski slopes at X4 2020

There’s nothing better after 3 days of inspiration, learning and networking at X4 than pulling on your boots and taking to Utah’s world-class ski resorts. We’ve negotiated some amazing rates for...

By Jack Davies

XM Visionaries: How Mastercard built a global CX team

As part of our XM Visionaries series, we caught up with John Goodwin, Vice President of Customer Intelligence at Mastercard to talk about how he built his team from the ground up to become an integral...

By Jack Davies

A peek into the future with the godfather of the Experience Economy

When Joe Pine and James Gilmore first coined the phrase ‘the experience economy’ over 20 years ago, they started a revolution that would see tens of thousands of businesses transform how they oper...

By Jack Davies

Think you're sending too many surveys? How to avoid survey fatigue.

We get a lot of questions at Qualtrics about survey fatigue — it’s a common story, you’re getting great insights from your customer surveys, you want more, so you send more surveys. All of a sud...

By Jack Davies

Developing employee personas to improve the workplace experience

Employee personas are becoming increasingly popular as organizations look to their HR teams to drive growth by designing employee experiences that improve engagement, productivity and retention. Find ...

By Jack Davies

Why HR ‘doing things differently’ is the norm at Patagonia

Patagonia is ‘a cause, disguised as a company’ according to CHRO Dean Carter. In our new HR Visionaries series, he explores what makes the employee experience at Patagonia unique and explains why ...

By Jack Davies

Van Westendorp pricing explained for 2022

The Van Westendorp pricing model can help you gauge what respondents are really willing to pay for an item – and how to set a price range for a real-world market. Researching prices is not straight...

By Jack Davies