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Experience Utah’s iconic ski slopes at X4 2020

There’s nothing better after 3 days of inspiration, learning and networking at X4 than pulling on your boots and taking to Utah’s world-class ski resorts. We’ve negotiated some amazing rates for X4 attendees at some of the best mountains - check them out and choose your ski pass for X4

They don’t call it ‘The Greatest Snow on Earth’ for nothing — 5 of Utah’s ski resorts made SKI Magazine’s top 7 in America in last year’s reader survey of the best snow.

And it’s easy to see why — regular, heavy dumps of fine, dry, fluffy and lightweight powder make the Wasatch Mountain Range a ski and snowboarding Mecca.

Check out 3 of the best resorts below and claim your discount X4 ski pass.



X4 exclusive price: $90

Terrain: 27% beginner / 38% intermediate / 35% advanced

Distance from X4: Around 30 mins by car

With 169 runs serviced by 13 lifts, including the famous Snowbird tram, there’s something for all levels at Snowbird. For the advanced skiers there’s deep powder, steep chutes and plenty of bowls and trees that make it one of the most popular mountains with Salt Lake City locals.

How to get your X4 Snowbird pass

  1. Visit the X4 Snowbird booking page
  2. Enter the group name ‘Qualtrics’ and Password ‘x4summit’
  3. Select ‘1 Day - Adult - Qualtrics’ and click add to cart
  4. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the checkout page

Book your Snowbird ski pass



X4 exclusive price: $85

Distance from X4: Around 40 mins by car

Terrain: 21% beginner, 40% intermediate, 39% advanced

With the second highest elevation of all Utah’s ski resort, Brighton regularly gets huge dumps of dry snow. It’s relatively quiet too, so you can have all that fresh powder to yourself.

How to get your X4 pass for Brighton

  1. Visit the Brighton booking page and select the group ‘Grp-Qualtrics Mar. 13th’
  2. Choose your date and click ‘add to cart’
  3. Add your information by clicking ‘create new guest’
  4. Enter your details and continue through to checkout

Book your Brighton ski pass



X4 exclusive price: $81

Distance from X4: Around 45 mins by car

Terrain: 6% beginner, 43% intermediate, 51% advanced

Ideal for more advanced skiers, Solitude’s name says it all. Expect no queues, quiet slopes and some untracked runs in its great powder bowls.

How to get your X4 pass for Solitude

  1. Visit our X4 Solitude booking page
  2. Enter your arrival and departure dates and search availability
  3. Click ‘+’ to view your pass options and discount
  4. Want more than one day? Just click ‘change’ to see multi-day passes
  5. Enter your details and finalize your payment

Book your Solitude ski pass

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