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Meena Toor

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Meena is a content consultant, with a background in journalism and digital marketing. She is passionate about exploring storytelling and the customer journey in a customer-centric, digital world.

Articles attributed to Meena Toor

5 power of persuasion techniques to use immediately at work

Consider these tips on enhancing your power of persuasion to influence behavior successfully with your peers and seniors, and use our 5 power of persuasion techniques to convince people immediately in...

By Meena Toor

Look beyond mystery shopping to improve your customer experience

We’ve heard of them before, but what does a mystery shopper do and how can they drive customer experience improvements? What is a mystery shopper? A mystery shopper, or a secret shopper, is a pers...

By Meena Toor

Guest experience: Trends, tips & Best practices for 2022

The guest experience could be the difference between whether a guest returns or not.  Explore the ways that organizations can use guest experience as a key factor of their success. What is guest exp...

By Meena Toor

Solve your users’ problems with the design-thinking process

Use the six-step design thinking process to work on user-centric problems to make better products and create happier customers. You have a problem but you’re not sure what to do next to get to a so...

By Meena Toor

What is acquiescence bias and how can you stop it?

Acquiescence bias is a real issue in survey research. Learn how you can spot it using our examples and read our 5 top tips to avoid it. eBook Download: Start designing survey questions that drive r...

By Meena Toor

Brands, be brave! Netflix CMO shares how to connect with customers in uncertain times

In our latest WorkDifferent event, Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Netflix, talks about how ‘bravery’ is a key tool for brands that can help them keep hold of their customers and audiences. With a ca...

By Meena Toor

How to respond to negative reviews online

Easily respond to negative reviews online in five steps, to show your business in a positive light, impress your customers and strengthen your brand image. Why is responding to a negative review impo...

By Meena Toor

How to get the insights you need with an online suggestion box

Online suggestion boxes are an always-on approach to gathering honest opinions about products and services. Read on to find out how you can start using one today to collect questions, ideas, comments,...

By Meena Toor

Everything you need to know about Customer Intelligence

Are you using your customer intelligence for the greatest benefit? Use this simple guide to turn your siloed customer data and insights into valuable actions that help grow your business and brand equ...

By Meena Toor