Meena Toor

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Meena is a content consultant, with a background in journalism and digital marketing. She is passionate about exploring storytelling and the customer journey in a customer-centric, digital world.

Articles written by Meena Toor

Brands, be brave! Netflix CMO shares how to connect with customers in uncertain times

In our latest WorkDifferent event, Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Netflix, talks about how ‘bravery’ is a key tool for brands that can help them keep hold of their customers and audiences. With a ca...

4min read

How retail brands are adapting the Black Friday shopping experience for 2020

Brands will have to adapt to a very different Black Friday this year, with safety a key priority. Find out the steps businesses are taking to navigate one of the busiest seasons of the year. If you...

10min read

Employee feedback examples using formal, informal, and constructive techniques

Take charge of your employee feedback with examples of exceptional feedback, tips for successful employee discussions and activities to improve your company culture. What is employee feedback? When ...

28min read

Six ways to find more survey participants

Get the right results from your survey by finding the right survey respondents to provide confidence in your data The challenge of finding survey respondents Getting the right survey participants is...

12min read

How to respond to negative reviews online

Easily respond to negative reviews online in five steps, to show your business in a positive light, impress your customers and strengthen your brand image. Why is responding to a negative review impo...

9min read

How to get the insights you need with an online suggestion box

Online suggestion boxes are an always-on approach to gathering honest opinions about products and services. Read on to find out how you can start using one today to collect questions, ideas, comments,...

10min read

Master customer intelligence in 5 steps

Are you getting the most from your customer intelligence? Use this simple plan to turn your siloed customer data and insights into valuable actions that help grow your business and brand equity. We...

11min read