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Citing Qualtrics in Academic Research

Qualtrics // May 5, 2018 // 1 min read

Let’s be honest: the worst part of any academic project is citing your sources, and with so many rotating paper formats, most of us leave writing citations to the last minute. We’ve got you covered. Below are the appropriate guidelines for citing Qualtrics in an academic research paper, APA.

General Citation Guidelines

  • Company Name: Qualtrics
  • Development Company: Qualtrics
  • First release: 2005
  • Copyright Year (current year): 2019
  • Location: Provo, Utah, USA
  • Version: current Month(s) and year(s) of use
  • Available at:

General In-Text Citation

We find the best approach for citing Qualtrics in-text is to put the company name and location in parentheses (Qualtrics, Provo, UT). This functions similar to how you would document a vendor of laboratory supplies (since we’re also a vendor of sorts, as we vend data).

Example Citation

The [output/code/data analysis] for this paper was generated using Qualtrics software, Version [insert version] of Qualtrics. Copyright © [insert year of copyright] Qualtrics. Qualtrics and all other Qualtrics product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of Qualtrics, Provo, UT, USA.

You’re welcome! Go ahead and use those few extra minutes to spellcheck one more time. Or if you need a break, read this article to see how Qualtrics Community can help you can optimize further projects.

Qualtrics // Experience Management

Qualtrics is an experience management company, with co-headquarters in Provo, Utah and Seattle, Washington, in the United States with offices around the world.

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