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Listening is More Important Than Ever: Qualtrics is now offering its survey software for free

Over the past several weeks, our world has changed and we are all adjusting to a new normal. With the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, organizations and governments are taking unprecedented steps and making quick decisions to ensure the health and well-being of their citizens, employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

This shifting environment has made listening and staying connected to one another more important than ever.

As these rapid changes are taking place, what has become clear to us is that asking employees, customers, patients, citizens, and suppliers what they need and how they feel is a public good. That’s why, effective immediately, Qualtrics will provide free basic access to our survey engine for everyone, indefinitely. These new solutions are now available for free with Qualtrics Surveys.

What is Qualtrics Surveys?

With Qualtrics Surveys organizations can gather important data and listen to others by using a flexible and trusted survey software. This survey tool has been used by millions of users for almost 20 years, and now we are making it available for anyone to use at no cost to help with collecting feedback and listening to the concerns, emotions, and experiences of others.

Qualtrics Surveys Tool

Qualtrics Surveys makes the listening process easy by allowing users to start gathering feedback from scratch or choose from more than 50 pre-designed survey templates. The survey tool also supports multiple question types and distribution channels, and comes with ExpertReview – a smart research assistant that uses AI to detect and improve survey design and methodology errors, in real-time. This resource can be used by any professional, in any role, be it academic, PR, marketing, product, HR, IT, operations, or many others.

With the availability of Qualtrics Surveys, our limited free account offering will be suspended and all existing free account users will be automatically migrated to Qualtrics Surveys.

COVID-19 Solutions available in Qualtrics Surveys

Included with Qualtrics Surveys is a series of XM solutions, tailor-made for organizations to help them continue to move forward during COVID-19. Qualtrics will continue to release free solutions to help organizations cope with the effects of the virus.

  • For all organizations- To support the global shift to remote work, Qualtrics Surveys includes the Remote Work Pulse solution for businesses and academic institutions. This solution allows organizations to reach out to their employees and get fast insights on workforce well-being, collaboration, employee readiness to work remotely, and actions the organization should take to improve communication.
  • For local, state, and federal governments – Qualtrics Surveys includes the Public Health: COVID-19 Pre-Screen & Routing. This is an online, guided COVID-19 pre-screen questionnaire that helps officials quickly direct citizens to the right public information and resources, and most importantly helps identify individuals who may require testing for COVID-19 based on CDC guidelines.

We all have a role to play in keeping ourselves, our loved ones, and communities safe. Listening and collaboration are key to supporting each other and creating positive experiences.

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4 ways to build a positive experience for teams new to remote work

We’re working in a brand new normal, and we all have to get the experience right.

At Qualtrics, to limit the spread COVID-19, we have implemented Mandatory Work from Home across our 25 global offices. We did it to preserve the safety of our workforce while still assuring Qualtrics provides the same level of functionality and support our 12,000 customers expect.

This is the first time many of our employees are consistently working from home, and we knew that there would be experience gaps as they navigate this new terrain. Do they feel safe and supported? Do they have everything they need? Do they know how to do important work without face-to-face interactions?

And most importantly, are we as a company acting on their concerns?

Here’s what we’ve learned from our own employees about how to operate with a suddenly remote workforce.

Empathy First

Many of our employees are now suddenly working from home for the first time. That would be daunting in the best of times, but there’s an added layer of stress as people worry about their own health, the safety of their loved ones, and potential complications from closed schools and limited services.

In that environment, company leaders have to make sure employees feel supported, cared for, and safe. Questions about and demands for productivity should wait. We have alternated daily global messages from our Chief People Officer and our CEO. Regional leaders share more specific guidance directly with their teams to address local concerns.

Stay in Touch across the Company

If teams need to work from home, leaders need to know about any access or service issues employees may encounter. Leaders should be able to quickly and easily get feedback from the entire workforce about their current location and their recent and future whereabouts. These responses play a critical role in employee safety.

Since we began asking about their needs, we have learned that different teams have very different awareness of what we’re doing, and teams also differ in their confidence about what to do next. Knowing where we have uncertainty allows us to communicate better and work with the teams that need the most help.

Local Responsibility

One note from a senior leader cannot set the tone for every team. Individual managers have to lead. We published a template to each manager asking them to articulate their own plans for: digital connectivity, team planning and prioritization, and testing their capabilities. A written document for each team forces managers to think through the right way to get work done while still supporting the changing needs of a newly remote team.

Daily Contact

One element of every manager’s plan is communication. Team interaction and collaboration is essential to maintaining morale and productivity across locations. A morning huddle by video conference is an ideal check-in, especially for teams that are new to working from home. The format gives managers a personal opportunity to gauge team members’ well being, as well as a daily check on the team’s overall pulse.

Some additional ways managers are staying in constant contact:

  • Scheduling multiple weekly 1-on-1 check-ins
  • Sharing mobile phone numbers and encouraging teams to use the phone
  • Recording check-ins and tasks in writing, using Slack or another collaboration tool
  • Setting work standard hours for each team member’s time zone
  • Using a persistent video chat room for people to drop in with team members

This is a brand new normal for most of our team, and experience management is helping us get it right.

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Qualtrics Response to COVID-19

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the circumstances surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19). To ensure the health and safety of our teams as well as the communities in which we work and live, Qualtrics instituted a global policy that employees in all offices will be working from home. We also want to assure our customers that Qualtrics maintains a robust business continuity plan to ensure that we deliver uninterrupted service and an exceptional experience to our customers and partners during this time.

Business operations

Delivering exceptional customer service and keeping our operations running without disruption are critical to us. In response to COVID-19, we have enacted our business continuity plans to ensure all Qualtrics functions and technology continue to operate as usual. Our plan ensures that all business critical functions of the organization continue without delay. Data integrity and availability, along with support functions, enable Qualtrics to serve our customers and maintain a trusting relationship even in times of public health threats.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will post updates to our website and send email notifications as appropriate. The status of our systems is always available in real-time at

Health and safety of our employees

Qualtrics is working regularly with local, state, national, and international health officials. We have restricted work-related travel and, as noted, instituted a global work from home policy across all offices. We will continue to support remote work with best-in-class technologies to ensure we deliver uninterrupted service and an exceptional experience to our customers, partners, and employees.

We are grateful for the amazing relationships we have with all of our customers, partners, and employees and look forward to supporting each other during this unique and challenging time.

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Update on X4: The Experience Management Summit

The health and safety of our customers, employees, and partners is our highest priority. Given the state of Coronavirus (COVID-19) globally, we are rescheduling X4 to early fall.

X4 London and Sydney will also be postponed. Details on those events will be shared as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our attendees. At Qualtrics we have amazing customers and partners, which is always on full display during X4. Our incredible line-up of speakers and entertainers have been incredibly gracious during this time. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with us through this process.

The world’s largest experience management event, with 16,000 attendees, is being moved to later this year in order to provide the experience that our customers, partners, and employees expect and deserve. We look forward to providing an amazing X4 for everyone in early fall.


What happens to my current X4 registration?

All existing X4 registrations will be automatically applied to the new X4 date. We look forward to hosting the largest gathering of experience professionals in the world in early fall 2020.

When will the new early fall X4 dates be announced?

We plan to announce new dates within the coming weeks on the X4 website:

How will this affect my travel plans?

Please contact your airline and hotel providers as soon as possible to change plans and make alternative arrangements.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please reach out to

We will continue to provide regular updates to our X4 website. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your account representative or

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Qualtrics Announces the Acquisition of the Leading CX Thought Leader, Temkin Group

Today, Qualtrics announced the acquisition of the leading CX thought leader, Temkin Group. In addition, Qualtrics announced the Qualtrics XM Institute with the goal to create the world’s premier center of excellence for all things experience management (XM). Bruce Temkin will be leading the Institute.

In a blog post today, Bruce Temkin stated:

“While we have enjoyed working with all of the vendors, during the last few years it’s become clear to me that Qualtrics has the strongest momentum in CX and XM. There is no doubt, Qualtrics has become and is on a trajectory to remain, the leader in CX and experience management with its robust XM Platform™. The Qualtrics XM Institute will play a big role in this trajectory moving forward.”

Take a minute or two to read the rest of Bruce’s post on the Experience Matters blog for more information about the acquisition and Institute.

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Stronger Together: Why We’re Partnering with IBM Kenexa to Disrupt HR Employee Engagement

At Qualtrics, we believe that great experiences happen when organizations understand the relationship between their people, their products, their brand and their customers. Employee experience is really the foundation of this ecosystem.

And that’s why today we are announcing a partnership with IBM Kenexa. For those of you who don’t know the name, Kenexa was founded in 1987 as a recruitment services firm and grew into a great employee insights and performance management brand.

By combining the power of the Qualtrics Employee Experience platform with IBM Watson Talent Insights and IBM’s World Norms, we’re introducing HR to an unprecedented amount of information and resources.

Here’s why I’m excited about the partnership and why I think it will fundamentally change the way HR functions today.

  1. We’re creating an enterprise-grade “Digital Open Door”

    As an HR leader today, you have programs tailored to your organization, helping you get closer to your people and understand the unique culture and needs of your employees. With Certified XM Solutions™ and access to IBM’s industry-leading engagement content that hundreds of global customers have relied on over the past decade, you have the deep expertise you won’t find anywhere else on the HR market.

  2. We’re enabling deeply personalized programs

    IBM customers now gain access to best-in-class technology that empowers managers with individualized and role-based dashboards. These real-time insights don’t require any vendor management to tell you what to do to empower, engage, and enable your people. Your managers simply open up their dashboard and they have insights more powerful than ever before.

  3. We’re delivering actionable insights to HR executives

    It’s important to know how your teams stack up— both to other teams internally and to industry standards— so that you can continue building a stronger employee brand and exceptional experience for your employees. With this new partnership, you have access to the most comprehensive set of benchmarks on the market. Whether you utilize Qualtrics internal benchmarking features, our new and innovative research-based benchmarks, or IBM’s World Norms (which cover 217 countries, 20 million respondents, and 20+ industries), you have access to the deepest well of comparative data in HR.

Check out our website for more information on the Qualtrics partnership with IBM Kenexa.

We’re all in a war to recruit and retain the best talent out there. The workplace is getting more complicated with new modes of work and geographically-distributed, multi-generational workforces. HR professionals need new tools for this new economy.

Our vision for Qualtrics Employee Engagement is to build an incredible radar for talent managers that allows you to get ahead of potential problems and look over the horizon. We’re excited to be partnering with IBM to empower HR professionals everywhere with the best enterprise-grade Employee Experience™ platforms and benchmarks.