As leaders, there are many attributes we must possess in order to be successful—and confidence is certainly one of them. But, something many leaders might not have considered is their own team’s confidence in them. For example, how confident are employees in your leadership ability? And, how might this impact their behavior and ability to drive results on behalf of your team, company or organization?

According to research from Qualtrics, confidence in company leadership is pivotal in driving employee engagement. In fact, if employees have confidence in the people they’re working for they are much more likely to want to come to work and make a positive contribution than if they don’t.

“Leaders who lead by example create great experiences for both employees and customers, which ultimately impacts business results,” said Julie Larson-Green, chief experience officer, Qualtrics. “Leaders may set the company vision and values, but everyone else is at the heart of the company’s success. That means we all need to set examples for each other in order to foster a strong culture, provide positive customer experiences, and as a result, build a strong product and brand.”

Confidence in your current company’s senior leadership team is the biggest driver of employees’ desire to go to work, according to the Qualtrics research. It’s an even stronger factor than other important drivers like trusting people on your team and being able to try things that interest you.

How to Inspire Confidence in Your Team

If having confidence in leadership is a key driver of success, then how can leaders ensure that they have the full confidence of their employees?

According to Disney Institute, the answer lies in a time-tested concept it teaches in its training and professional development courses. Known as values-infused leadership, it states: One of a leader’s most crucial jobs is to establish values, and then uphold or consistently display those values through their actions and behaviors.

Values-infused leadership means to consistently demonstrate what’s important through actions and behaviors—not just through words or good intentions. By leading with your values, you model behaviors that can not only empower you as a leader, but can also empower your people to develop behaviors that sustain the values and vision of your organization.

“As a leader, you are sending a message to everyone about what you value in the way that you behave,” says Jeff James, vice president and general manager at Disney Institute. “Leaders must remember that employees and coworkers are listening to what they say and watching what they do. If you don’t intentionally establish what you value and behave in alignment with those values, then your employees will decide for themselves what you value, and they will act accordingly.”

Beyond employee engagement, confidence in leadership also directly impacts retention. In its global study, Qualtrics found that 91% of those who said they were extremely confident in their senior leadership also said they were happy in their jobs. “Values-infused leadership has bottom-line impact. In the United States, confidence in your company’s leadership team is the most important driver of retention,” added Larson-Green, “It even beats out opportunities for career progression.”

Learn about Value-Infused Leadership

The concept of values-infused leadership will be a featured topic at the Disney Institute Women’s Leadership Summit, June 4-6, 2019, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, as well as at the Disney Institute Customer Experience Summit, August 20-22, 2019, at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Qualtrics is a sponsor of both events and has expertise in helping organizations understand experience management and the important role that leadership excellence, quality service and employee engagement play in achieving business results.

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