Happy employees make happy customers, and smart businesses know that employee engagement is connected to customer experience. After all, if your employees aren’t happy, how can your customers be happy?

Qualtrics is on a mission to make experiences better for everyone. The Qualtrics Employee Pulse Study helps your organization better manage their experiences by showing you how to recruit, engage and retain good employees who are the gas in your business engine.

Know how to increase Employee Engagement with the Qualtrics Employee Pulse Study

The Qualtrics Employee Pulse is our quarterly look at what drives employee engagement, behaviors and wellbeing at work. Each quarter we conduct this study, pulling in the views of over 4,000 full-time workers across the country. We look beyond the obvious drivers of engagement to understand what companies should be doing to build more enjoyable, productive and attractive places to work. Because when your employees are engaged, your customers are more likely to engage too. Learn more about how Qualtrics can help you increase employee engagement with your teams. 

Industries Included in The Qualtrics Employee Pulse

Respondents come from a wide range of industries allowing you to benchmark against your industry. The include industries are finance, healthcare, IT & Tech, Media & Advertising, Utilities, Telecoms, Retail, Public Sector, Travel & Leisure and Manufacturing.

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