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Fast academic research: Putting insights to work at Griffith University

When Qualtrics launched in 2002 the platform was predominantly used for academic research. The platform transformed the research process with advanced functionalities and analytics enabling academics to carry out sophisticated research that had previously been too complex.

Almost two decades later Qualtrics continues to power countless academic research breakthroughs. Education institutions across the globe rely on Qualtrics, including 99 of the top 100 US business schools and esteemed global universities such as the University of Cambridge and the National University of Singapore.

The scalability and versatility of the Qualtrics platform allows researchers to use it for a huge variety of studies.

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Research conducted by Dr. Ferran Martinez i Coma at Griffith University in Australia is a great example of some of the work being carried out through Qualtrics. Dr. Martinez i Coma’s research into participation politics and democratization has influenced the highest levels of government in Spain, with his research used to shape voting methodologies and explain voter turnout.

Currently, Dr. Martinez i Coma is undertaking extensive research into how candidates’ personality traits influence voting decisions.

When asked how Qualtrics helps his studies, Dr. Martinez i Coma pointed to the platform’s speed and effectiveness.

“Using Qualtrics I have full ownership and management of the research projects underway. This means I can use the platform to make changes to my research programming in real-time, which ensures studies are rapidly launched and that results are of maximum value and interest to my focus areas. When using funding from other organizations, this speed and efficiency of response is critical,” said Dr. Martinez i Coma.

Dr. Martinez i Coma’s research findings are presented back to him in visual and interactive dashboards. The ease-of-use of the Qualtrics research platform allows Dr. Martinez i Coma to analyze different groups and segments from the data in just a couple of steps, helping to identify patterns and trends.

Another key reason why Dr. Martinez i Coma selects Qualtrics for academic research is due to the size of the company’s panels - which exceed 100 million - and the expert research services support received.

“The vast size of Qualtrics’ panels mean it is easy to find the people we need to conduct effective and credible research. Coupled with the advice we receive from the dedicated Qualtrics research services team, it allows us to invest more time into analyzing the data being captured,” added Dr. Martinez i Coma.

In today’s digital world, modern research tools have a valuable role to play by helping unlock insights shaping the world around us - from addressing societal issues through to major breakthroughs in healthcare. Countless academic studies like Dr. Martinez i Coma’s are underway on the Qualtrics platform across the globe, with researchers keen to call out the simplicity, speed, and reach of the platform.

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Andrew Coffman

Andrew Coffman is a contributor to the Qualtrics blog.

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