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CoreXM, the foundation of experience management

Every industry evolves. The music industry went from eight-tracks to streaming services. TV went from broadcast to Netflix. Phones went from bricks to small computers that fit in your pocket. Even cars have evolved from Model Ts to autonomous vehicles. Pick any industry and you’ll find an evolution from the old way of thinking to breakthroughs that are fundamentally changing entire industries.

Market research is no different. The power of research, data science, and sophisticated statistical analysis can now be performed with the click of a mouse. Where products and services were once the key drivers of growth, in today’s experience economy business success is fueled by insights gained from feedback data.

This new era of research requires a new way of thinking.

For nearly two decades, Qualtrics has led the way in helping businesses unlock and act on the market insights they need to succeed. Along the way, Qualtrics evolved from a sophisticated research platform with deep roots in academia to the world’s leading experience management platform--a powerful system of action--used by more than 10,000 of the world’s leading companies.

Today, that transformation continues as we launch CoreXM, the industry-leading insights solution and the foundation of experience management (XM).


Most businesses can begin their XM journey by using CoreXM to tap into the right listening channels, generate insights, and take action. From there, they have the capability to expand their system into more specialized areas of XM to manage the full lifecycle of stakeholder experiences across the four core experiences of business.

Year after year, we consistently hear our customers tell us how flexible and intuitive they find our solution. And throughout that time, we’ve seen businesses use capabilities found in CoreXM to breakthrough in a number of ways.

For example, a product manager can conduct a product concept test to evaluate how a new launch will be received by customers. A CMO is able to measure and lift brand equity based on campaign feedback, and an ecommerce manager can optimize merchandise selection based on visitor feedback.

Teams can also run polls, quizzes, and compliance forms. Hundreds of thousands of product designers, HR professionals, customer service executives, sales managers, and other business professionals use the same set of capabilities to get the insights needed to drive their most important business decisions.

The latest innovations in CoreXM

CoreXM is the most complete and trusted insights solution on the market. It provides capabilities for expert researchers to manage a high volume of complex research projects, and for non-researchers to unlock critical experience insights for their business, all while enabling IT administrators to manage security, compliance, and governance with ease.

For insights professionals and expert researchers, CoreXM makes sophisticated research simple. It comes with end-to-end capabilities around omni-channel feedback collection, advanced stats and text analytics, panel management, fully automated research solutions, and more. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Conjoint Analysis - advanced analytics capabilities to optimize products, package combinations, and pricing by scientifically identifying consumer preferences
  • XM Directory - a complete view of all customer and employee data, giving organizations the ability to track experience journeys, build rich respondent profiles, and conduct sophisticated research
  • Developer Tools - APIs, SDKs, and other developer tools automate the entire research process to manage studies, panels, respondents, mailing lists, quotas, and data at scale

 For the business professional, CoreXM generates higher quality insights--faster, allowing organizations to manage their most important customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. This flexible and easy to use solution comes complete with analytics, reporting, and an AI powered digital research assistant to improve the quality of insights. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Expert Review - intelligence layers that automatically scrub response data to detect and eliminate poor quality feedback, providing higher quality insights for users
  • XM Solutions - automated methodology and workflows that can be customized to an individual organization's needs and requirements
  • Stats iQ - AI driven stats tool giving researchers the power to uncover meaning in data, identify hidden trends, and produce predictive models

For CIOs and IT teams, CoreXM offers a trusted and secure enterprise-grade platform to manage their organization’s experience data (X-data). Qualtrics democratizes access to insights while helping IT reduce security, compliance, and privacy risks. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Single system of action - standardize and centralize all X-data provided by your customers, employees, and other stakeholders across your organization
  • XM Controls - reports and policy controls that help administrators manage and monitor compliance, data, users, and activity at scale
  • Security and Compliance - Qualtrics is the only XM technology on the market that is FedRAMP authorized, HiTrust certified, ISO 27001 certified, and fully GDPR compliant, giving customers confidence in their enterprise-grade security, compliance, and governance capabilities

Measuring experience is the only way to create breakthrough moments for your customers. With the launch of CoreXM, we are sending a clear signal that the evolution of research technology is now at the core of the experience economy. Getting to insights and actionable data has never been easier to help your organization win in the experience economy.

Win in the Experience Economy with CoreXM

Kelly Waldher // EVP of CoreXM and Brand Experience, Qualtrics

Kelly Waldher, Executive Vice President of CoreXM and Brand Experience, joined the company in October 2018. Prior to Qualtrics, he was General Manager of Office 365 at Microsoft. His responsibilities included long-range strategic planning, new business models, pricing & feature packaging, product planning and product marketing. Previously, Waldher held a variety of Corporate Marketing roles at Microsoft over a 14 year period, including product management, sales enablement, channel strategy and strategic partnerships. Prior to Microsoft, he spent 7 years at Dow Chemical in sales, marketing, supply chain management and production engineering.

He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

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