Radical transparency has been a key component of the Qualtrics business philosophy from the beginning. During our early days it was a simple necessity – everyone had to know everything. As Qualtrics has grown, however, we’ve continued to carry the principle of radical transparency forward to make sure everyone still knows everything that’s going on within the company.


Among the many reasons this is important to business success is that radical transparency is a key component of employee engagement.


1. Employees Know How They Fit Into the Big Picture

If organizations aren’t careful, employees may lose sight of how their work impacts the organization as a whole. By being radically transparent, it’s easy for employees to identify how their daily actions contribute to the organization’s overall mission and success – which is a key element of keeping employees engaged.


2. Distractions are Minimized

Employees want information. If you don’t provide it, they’ll go looking for it anyway. To keep employees engaged, be transparent. This will minimize distractions, establish trust in leadership, and allow employees to maintain focus on their work rather than going around trying to discover who’s doing what and why.


3. Collaboration Increase

Transparency with goals and daily activities makes it easy for employees to see what other people and teams are working on. This leads to greater collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. It’s good for business and essential to high employee engagement.


4. Model the Behaviors of the Best

Recognizing and rewarding employees for exceptional work is key to keeping engagement high. By being radically transparent about performance, companies make sure they are rewarding the competent, not the confident. This helps newer employees see what the most successful employees do, allowing them to easily model the behaviors of the best. As a result, the whole workforce progresses faster, creating a culture of continuous improvement and engagement.