EDF Climate Corps places MBA students with companies that would like to develop practical, actionable energy efficiency plans. These student fellows work on-site at the company over a ten-week period to develop an effective energy efficiency investment plan.

One of these fellows, Emily Martin, was placed with SAP, a leading provider of business software solutions. During her fellowship with SAP, she came across Qualtrics. With Qualtrics, Emily has been able to create a valuable study that will give SAP useful information to move forward with better energy decisions.


The objective of Emily’s study is to collect a dataset of the best-practice carbon abatement projects. She will use the responses for a benchmarking study, available only to survey participants. All data will be reported to SAP, and they will have a wide scope of insights about energy efficiency and carbon reduction habits.

The survey collects two kinds of information:
1) Company Information, which collects general information about each company, and
2) Project Information, which collects data about a specific carbon abatement project that a company has completed.

If you are interested in participating in this study, you can take the survey here.

All answers are anonymous and if you complete the survey you will have full access to the data. This is very valuable, because you will be able to see the actual costs or savings of these projects from respondents all over the country.


“Qualtrics has really made all of this possible,” said Emily. “It’s the only kind of software that has this type of flexibility.”

Emily wanted the survey to be professional and customizable. She wanted people to view this as a serious study and for the survey to reflect SAP’s image.

“We needed a tool that was secure and anonymous,” she said. Because the survey was collecting sensitive information about business practices, it was essential to choose a credible tool.

Put simply, Emily explained “Qualtrics was the only option that was robust enough to do what we wanted to do in a timely way.”

Special thanks to Emily for using Qualtrics and best wishes in the SAP carbon abatement study. We hope you will generate a database that will help companies all across the nation make more energy-efficient business decisions.


Emily Martin is a graduate student and EDF Climate Corps fellow working with SAP. If you have questions about this article or about the study, please contact her at Emily_martin@unc.edu.