Creating unforgettable customer experiences involves more than just sending satisfaction surveys – it starts with shifting your company focus to customer obsession. This shift isn’t easy, but it can be done.


Introducing a voice of the customer program often leads companies to question their readiness to shift towards a customer-centric culture. Are you ready? What is it going to take for your organization to create true transformation?


Assessing your readiness and asking what it will take for your organization to create true customer experience transformation is an essential first step; that’s why we’ve identified six factors that must align for companies to produce the optimal customer-centric culture:


Starting at the Top


Let’s look more closely at one of those factors: strong leadership.


Transformation starts at the top, and without executive-level buy-in there is very little chance that any initiative will be successful. But surprisingly, only having executive buy-in isn’t enough. Your mid-level leaders must also prioritize this transformation to truly move the customer experience needle and motivate their employees to do the same.


So what happens if leaders don’t make the customer a priority? Creating buy-in, changing opinions and upending conventional ways of thinking at any level of a company can be a challenging task—particularly if it doesn’t seem urgent. However, our upcoming customer experience transformation webinar is designed to show you the six steps to make it happen.


Taking the First Step


Join us on Wednesday, July 22 as Kyle Groff, Principal Customer Experience Consultant at Qualtrics, gives you the keys to build strong leadership support, plus offers insights into the 5 additional steps you need to transform your customer experience program.


With more than 10 years of experience in building, maintaining and improving CX programs at companies such as JetBlue Airways, Kyle will share his tried and tested approach for helping organizations of every size and circumstance.


If you can’t attend live, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording.


[Webinar] 6 Steps to True Customer Experience Transformation

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