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Automated quality management for higher customer satisfaction

10 min read
Quality management processes are crucial for businesses and enhancing customer experiences. Implementing an automated system improves customer satisfaction and agent engagement. Find out how in our discussion below.

Author: Rosemin Anderson

Subject Matter Expert: Shivani Parikh

What is automated quality management?

Automated quality management is the automatic completion of quality control. It usually refers to the automation of quality management processes in contact centers.

These automatic processes might include:

  • transcribing customer calls ready for evaluation
  • scoring agent performances
  • evaluating coaching opportunities
  • ensuring compliance with scripts and legislation

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contact center compliance alert

How is it different from traditional quality management?

  • Traditional quality management only covers 1 – 3% of your customer conversations. It usually relies on the evaluation of a small, random sampling of calls, with employee performance completed by busy contact center leads.
  • Only a small number of customer interactions are evaluated, making true quality assurance much more difficult for your team. It’s also unfair to evaluate agent performance based on a small selection of customer interactions, as the calls selected may have been particularly challenging or a poor representation of general performance.

The benefits of automating the quality management process

There are many benefits to using automated quality management systems over manually reviewing calls, texts and more. Here are the main benefits:

You can analyze 100% of customer interactions and agent performances

Rather than analyzing a small sample of customer interactions or calls, you can take into account every single call, message and email. No matter where your customers reach out, all voice and text interactions are processed for quality control and insights surfaced to help improve your customers’ experiences.

Your team also benefits, with every single instance they converse with a customer captured and analyzed. This allows for fairer evaluations and better, more personalized training opportunities.

customer service agent profile

Your team’s time is used more effectively

Automating the whole quality management process allows your team to focus on what matters: meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Instead of your contact center team leads manually evaluating recorded calls in an arduous and time-consuming process, voice and text interactions are analyzed instantly. Your team leads no longer need to be everywhere – continuous improvement suggestions can be provided based on individual team members’ performances in real time. With your agent coaching on areas such as compliance automatically taking place in each individual customer interaction, your team leads can focus more on augmenting personalized agent coaching in other areas.

improve agent performance alert

There’s less room for error on compliance and quality assurance

Your contact center team leads can’t catch every compliance or script slip when the sample of customer calls and contacts is limited. Given the importance of legal compliance for business reputation and adherence to scripts for brand management, automated quality management can easily track if there are any issues in real time.

Best of all, with automated quality management processes, you’re able to monitor every single call as it’s happening, ensuring agent performance can be improved with constant, targeted coaching.

contact center agent performance score

You can increase customer satisfaction and other business outcomes

With every single contact opportunity evaluated, you’re able to score each interaction by every agent against the behavior and standards that you need to meet for high customer retention rates and better profits. Customer satisfaction will increase as you’re able to train agents in real time to resolve issues and provide high-quality interactions.

You’ll also be able to provide a consistent, reliable experience for customers, ensuring that they know they can trust your brand to deliver again and again. We’ve found that 65% of consumers have switched brand loyalties because the customer experience didn’t match what they had expected, making consistency a powerful tool for customer retention.

How AI facilitates automated quality management

Artificial intelligence is a major driver for the best automated quality management systems. With the power of AI and machine learning, vast quantities of data can be tracked and processed in real time, allowing software to make automated quality management decisions rapidly based on data insights and trends.

It analyzes all data in moments

Rather than relying on quality monitoring and data analysis by your contact centers’ staff, AI can transform large amounts of data into insights in moments.Issues can be resolved faster, with quality failings flagged and suggestions for resolution presented to team members automatically. Rather than the quality management process lagging behind, your team is empowered to make data-led decisions in near real time.

The data gathered and analyzed by an automated quality management system driven by AI might include both structured, solicited data (such as customer feedback in questionnaires) or unstructured, unsolicited data (such as contact center calls). With 80% of data likely to be unstructured in the near future, being able to analyze all types of data from as many sources as possible helps your contact center agents to be increasingly effective in their customer interactions.

script compliance violations alert

It predicts potential issues

There’s also the ability to predict potential issues down the line. For example, an AI-based tool might pick up that script compliance failures increase or customer feedback takes a downward trend when a new product update is launched. This could lead to a suggestion of improved training in the new update’s functionality, or an adjustment to the scripts to handle negative interactions more effectively. Contact centers can be forewarned of potential issues when updates are scheduled in future to combat this problem.

It provides key insights in real time

Artificial intelligence can be trained to spot key aspects within each customer interaction and deliver insights in real time. For example, it can analyze customer emotion, effort, sentiment and more in real time conversations, providing your team with suggestions for script-compliant responses to help your contact center to exceed customer expectations.

Automated quality management software

There are many automated quality management software options to choose from, depending on your business scale and requirements. Here are some examples of software you can use to boost agent performance, improve service quality and increase customer engagement.

Qualtrics® Contact Center Quality Management Software

Eliminate manual effort to evaluate quality and introduce automation easily into your existing business processes with Qualtrics Contact Center Quality Management software. Monitor 100% of your communication channels and get actionable data insights in real time to help your contact centers exceed expectations every time. Evaluate calls, emails, chats and more and get data driven decisions instantly. Introduce real time personalized coaching for your contact center team, with 100% of agent interactions receiving scoring evaluations.


Receive automated quality metrics on all customer support interactions with MaestroQA, with actionable insights provided after thorough voice, chat, text and screen capture analysis. With targeted root cause analysis, understand why your compliance issues are happening and take effective action.

Genesys Cloud CX

Get insights into interaction quality with in-depth insights with Genesys Cloud CX. Contact center employees can track their own performance to ensure continuous improvement, with CRM and other integrations to ensure data isn’t kept siloed.


This single platform solution is designed around flexible scorecards that provide detailed analysis of centrally-stored data for higher quality customer interactions. With text analytics and sentiment analysis, users can evaluate calls, emails and chat for quality assurance.

Automation capabilities to look for in your quality management software

1. Full scoring of 100% of your customer interactions

Your automated quality management tool should be able to monitor quality across 100% of the interactions your customers have with your brand. Whether it’s on email, text, chat, calls or social media channels, every interaction should be monitored and analyzed. This makes the process much more efficient and effective, with the potential to drastically improve the customer experience and your agent performance with an unbiased look at how your business is performing.

2. In-depth analysis of more than just compliance

Script compliance and adherence to legal requirements is only part of quality control. Your automated quality management system should be able to provide assistance to your team to offer the best customer experiences possible. Your agents should be able to fix issues and turn potentially bad experiences into great ones that will bring customers back time and again. This is why when automating quality assurance, your software should be able to provide insights into customer emotion, sentiment and more in real time. This allows your team to provide better, higher-quality responses to your customers and improve the customer experience effortlessly.

3. Integrations with existing software and business processes

To make quality management easier for your team, your automated quality management software should be capable of integrating seamlessly with all existing contact center and business software. By collating all data and analysis on one centralized platform, your business is better able to set up workflows and action plans, with insights and suggested steps to take automatically delivered through the right channels to the right team.

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