Visualize Survey Data in Tableau with Qualtrics Integration



The Qualtrics-Tableau integration enables organizations to connect their desktop, server, and online Tableau products directly to Qualtrics to gather and view data in real-time.

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Any user inside an enterprise can easily build surveys, web capture forms and more, to obtain the right information at any touch point.



With a collection and visualization tool, users can easily create powerful data in a matter of minutes.


Rapid Results

The Qualtrics web data connector automatically loads and refreshes captured data into Tableau with one click.


Streamline Processes

Say goodbye to manual formatting and data integrity cleansing. Qualtrics + Tableau eliminates the need to go through complicated data transformation exercises or check if systems are compatible.


Error Reduction

With a reduction in the number of systems and an increase in automation, areas prone to human error are no longer a concern. Fewer touches on your data means higher confidence in your data output.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Seamlessly load customer, market and employee survey data into Tableau.
  • Reduce formatting work.
  • Customize the export so the data format works for you.
  • Refresh results in real-time without importing or exporting data.
  • Use Qualtrics to capture ad hoc information when an analysis doesn’t have sufficient data.
  • Share information across departments.
  • Automatically view survey data alongside any other data, using Tableau data blending.



  • You must be using Tableau Desktop Professional 9.1 or greater.


  • Survey question type pick, group & rank is unsupported.
  • Large matrix questions (such as 40 x 40) can cause delays.

Deploying the integration