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Optimize brand content and media spend by measuring consumers’ emotional responses to videos, ads and TV shows – unobtrusively and at scale.

Affectiva Emotion AI provides critical emotional insight to meaningfully connect with your viewer or customer. Enabling optimization and action that delivers to your bottom line, and better experiences for consumers.

Outcomes Delivered

  • Bring to life emotional insights that consumers can’t verbally articulate
  • Highlight key emotive triggers for executional optimization and cut downs
  • Analyze ‘system 1’ responses by different demographic and attitudinal groups

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Deliver Emotional Intelligence

Organizations need the same emotional intelligence that people have – they need to understand their audiences and customers without making them think about how they feel, or even realize how they feel

Unobtrusive Insights, Delivered at Scale

As viewers watch your stimulus, we measure their moment-by-moment facial expressions to understand their emotions. The results are aggregated and displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard

Required License: Qualtrics Developer Tool / API license

If you’re an existing Qualtrics customer, contact your Account Executive. If you do not know your Account Executive, please request a demo above.

Already have the integration and looking for help? Then contact Affectiva’s support at Affectiva is responsible for support of the integration with Qualtrics.

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Required License: Research Core 3

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