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Pricing studies are designed to help you understand what customers are willing to pay for a product, and determine the optimal price point to maximize revenue. Developed by Andre Gabor and Clive Granger, the Gabor Granger Pricing Technique finds the relationship between price and demand, uncovering the optimum price point that maximizes revenue.

In addition to the optimum price, the Gabor Granger technique produces a price elasticity curve, which illustrates the effect of raising and lowering the price on demand so you can see the impact of changes to pricing on potential sales.

Gabor Granger is particularly useful when:

  • You have an established price range that needs optimization
  • You want to understand the price sensitivity of your product in the market


  • Set the right price point to drive demand
  • Understand how price changes affect sales
  • Maximize revenue from your next product launch


Product ExperienceXM Solution Automated Projects

Maximize your revenue

You’ll see the optimal price point that will maximize your revenue from a product of service.

Price sensitivity

See how changes in pricing will affect demand with results that show the percentage of respondents willing to pay at specific price points

What You Get

Expert-built Surveys

An expert-built Gabor-Granger survey template preloaded with the right questions to help you save time and get results faster.

  • Ph.D. designed methodology
  • Prebuilt logic and survey structure
  • Automated workflow

Response Recommendations

A recommended number of respondents to maximize confidence in your data, specific to your project design. For example, a typical study would require a respondent sample size of 300 completes for optimal analysis.

We make it easy to get responses:

  • Upload your own contacts
  • Purchase respondents directly in Qualtrics

Prebuilt Reports

Get instant analysis of your data. Pre-built reports help you spend less time analyzing data, and more time delivering results.

  • Instant analysis of your data
  • Easy to understand results
  • Expert designed charts and graphs
  • PDF format for easy sharing

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Required License: Research Core 5

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