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Breaking the Bias – Folake Adewumi surrounds herself with trusted advisors

As a part of our Women’s History Month celebration, we are elevating the voices of women at Qualtrics who have Broken the Bias by seeking nontraditional career paths. We sat down with Folake and other women at Qualtrics to hear their stories and we'll be sharing them throughout the month. You can check out the rest of the series here

It all started when my brother came back from University one holiday. He was a Computer Science undergrad and would spend hours telling me all about school and the cool things he got to learn. I’d just given up on being a medical doctor (long story) and wasn’t quite sure what to study. In one of our conversations, he suggested I study Management Information System (MIS). His exact words were “Study MIS. You won’t regret it because tech is the future”. I listened and I’m so glad I did.

Fast forward to a year after graduation, a friend of mine recommended me for a role as a Pre-Sales Consultant at Oracle. At that time the only thing I associated Oracle with was databases… let’s just say I wasn’t excited. On top of that, I had no idea what a Pre-sales Consultant did. My first reaction was to tell her “No. I’m not a good fit”. She encouraged me to at least try. The worst that could happen was they’d say no. I’m so glad I listened.

They didn’t say no. I got a resounding YES and was launched into the world of Solution Engineering.

After about 6 years, I decided it was time for a change. I moved to a different continent to start afresh with two suitcases, a carry-on bag, and big dreams. I interviewed with Qualtrics and knew I had found a new home.

It’s been quite a journey. I'm grateful I listened to my brother and my friend. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t.

Tell us about the importance of leadership / mentorship in your career journey.

Mentorship is a gift that keeps on giving. From editing my CV to pushing me toward my goals (sometimes calling me out if I’m not aiming high enough lol), navigating the workplace, and helping me grow in my career, I can’t say enough the impact my mentors have had on my life and my career. Because of that, I don’t take any opportunity to mentor others for granted. It’s an absolute privilege.

What’s the best career advice you have ever received?

Fail Forward

Folake Adewumi is an alumna of Covenant University and works as a Senior Solution Engineer in Toronto. She is an active member of Women's Leadership Development, a Q Group (employee resource group) with the charter of elevating and supporting all women at Qualtrics so they achieve personal & professional wellness and impact.

Women's Leadership Development

Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) aims to empower ALL Women at Qualtrics globally to thrive by: attracting diverse women’s talent; developing & retaining women to all our teams; building a strong network of allies to create opportunities for action; elevating the voice of all Women to create a culture of belonging; partnering with the community to create a more inclusive environment.

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