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London Office FAQs

First and Second Days

  • What does my first day look like?

Your first day will take place virtually, tuning into a Zoom Call starting at 9:00 a.m. London time. You will receive a calendar invite about a week before your start date containing the schedule for the day.

  • What does my second day look like?

Unless you are a fully remote employee, your second day will be hosted in the office, starting at 9:30 a.m. London Time, please be on time. Your manager or a member of your team will greet you when you arrive. Please attend Day 2 in the office, as you will be meeting your team, picking up swag, and getting an office tour. Once orientation is complete you will spend the rest of your day with your manager and team. Lunch will be provided.

Office Information

  • Where is the office located?

14th Floor, 10 York Road, SE1 7ND

  • How do I get my badge?

Wework will send you an email inviting you to become a member. Please read and follow their instructions. On your first visit, the Wework community team at reception will ask for ID and issue you with your access card. 

  • How do I get into the office?

Our office is located on Level 14 and can be reached by the right elevator bank on the ground floor. Workplace Experience Manager, Lauren Behan, will be onsite to meet and support.

  • Do the doors lock at specific times?

Qualtrics staff have 24/7 access to 10 York Road and the private office once you have a badge. Security is onsite 24/7, including bank holidays. .  


There are no parking options available at the London office. However, 10 York Rd, SE1 7ND is well connected with direct underground links to the City, Canary Wharf, and the West End. 

  • Is there a place to store my bike?

Yes, Qualtrics has a bike room to store your bike. 


Have further questions? Email to get in contact with us.

Qualtrics Onboarding

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