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Reflections: One Team mentality

Throughout December and January we will be sharing Reflection stories from some of our Qualtricians. These stories reflect on the last year and beyond — recognizing the good and the bad, the struggles and the successes. Today we are featuring a story by Ashley in Customer Success.

I am from Kansas City but I’ve lived in Utah for the last 11 years. I started in July 2022 at Qualtrics as a Customer Success Consultant on the Public Sector Portfolio team. We are strategic partners for education and government customers, helping them in platform guidance, adoption/maturity, and value realization. 

Is there a project or something that had a big impact on your and your team this year?

We were given the opportunity to have a Customer Success Associate join our team this year. Having a CSA on our team has helped us provide greater support and value for our customers. We’ve been able to accomplish more with CSA collaboration. I’ve really enjoyed the teamwork mindset as I’ve been able to share with customers our CSA is a part of their success team. This has been a great way to feel like our team has more support as well. I am excited to see what we will all be able to accomplish in the next year!

What are you most proud of in 2022?

There are many wonderful things that have happened in 2022. Something I am proud of accomplishing in 2022 is passing all of the Product Certification exams. Studying for the CX, EX, CoreXM, etc. exams was a lot of work and at times I was not sure if I would remember all the information needed to pass the exams. I was so glad I took the time to learn this material and become certified because I feel the knowledge gained from it has provided much value in understanding some of the issues my customers have faced. While I still have much technical knowledge to learn, I have felt more confident in my knowledge of the platform because I went through these Basecamp courses. 

2022 has been quite the year, if there's one thing you'll remember it for what will it be?

If there was one thing I would remember from 2022 at Qualtrics, I would say our Public Sector All-Hands meeting we had this fall. I was blown away by the high caliber and talent of the people on the Public Sector team. It was incredible to see the amazing accomplishments each member of my team had in Q2 and Q3. The Public Sector team works HARD. They are creative, innovative, scrappy, and make winning big look easy. It made me realize how honored I am to work amongst such incredible people. I felt that sentiment strongly during that meeting and left feeling very inspired. When I think of that experience, it always re-invigorates my motivation and gratitude to be here on this team.

If there's one story you'll tell about 2022, what would it be? 

Since I attended a University close to Qualtrics’ headquarters, I’ve known about Qualtrics for quite a long time. I heard incredible things about X4™ and was even supposed to go as an attendee for my former employer in 2020. When they announced in our weekly all-hands meeting that they would be doing X4 in-person, I was so excited! It was a fun moment to feel the energy and excitement around this announcement. In talking with my manager, Randy, it sounds like in addition to being a benefit to our customers, that it is also a great way as an employee to catch the XM™ vision and get stoked on Qualtrics. If given the opportunity to attend, I am excited to experience that. I am looking forward to continuing to drive registration and help my customers see the value of attending X4. 

What's something that you did in 2022 that you didn't expect to have so much autonomy over?

Something I’ve loved about Qualtrics is the many opportunities we are given to learn and grow. Our Portfolio team for the Public Sector was created in 2022. As a result, we have been working on several goals. One of these has been our digital engagement efforts. I was impressed that my manager let me run with this. I’ve been working together with members of our Public Sector CS Scale team to figure out how we want to carry out digital efforts for our respective teams. This has provided us opportunities to partner with the various teams, including the digital CS team. I have enjoyed being challenged and given trust to help our Portfolio team carry this effort out further. 

Moving into 2023, what lessons will you be taking with you from this year?

There are many valuable lessons I’ve learned this year that I will be taking with me into 2023. The one that comes to mind is the One Team mentality. While I knew this was one of Qualtrics’ values, I’ve seen how much this mentality truly happens here. I’ve experienced first-hand how individuals who have and have not been on my team have been so willing to step in and help when I’ve needed it. I learned this year how much teamwork is crucial in accomplishing goals. The culture of the one team mentality has made it easy for me to want to step in and help whenever I can. I have so much trust and confidence in my team and the greater org in this regard. I am hoping to bring this lesson with me into 2023 because as a team and at Qualtrics, we have big goals we would like to accomplish and I believe we will be most successful as we work together.

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