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Topic: Technical Account Manager

Genki, Principal Analyst – From San Francisco to Tokyo

I started my career believing that I should pursue a career in what I studied in college. I slowly became disengaged with what I thought was my calling and decided to take a very non-characteristic ma...

By Qualtrics Life

Sophie, Technical Account Manager, Animal Lover, Skier

What is your “why” and how does Qualtrics connect with it? I was very cautious when picking the company where I wanted to start my career. I was looking for a company that offered personal and ca...

By Qualtrics Life

Autumn, Senior Analyst, Technical Account Manager: Swiftie, Dog Mom, Traveler

It’s undeniable that technology and the consumer experience are two of the most critical components of any successful operation (retail, restaurant, travel, etc). I wanted to work in the heart of th...

By Qualtrics Life

Sharon from MosaiQ on the important role companies play in exemplifying antiracist values

“Discrimination still exists in the workplace…organizations now have an opportunity to recognize this issue as a pinch point, so they can do something about it.” - Katherine DeCelles, Professor ...

By MosaiQ

Bringing her best self to work: Lucia, Technical Account Manager

Community, impact, learning, and "high stakes” drive me. I always want to be surrounded by amazing, uplifting people, and I'm driven to do my part to make the community around me uplifting as well. ...

By Qualtrics Life

Carly, Technical Account Manager, talks career potential

I'm interested in and motivated by being on a team of high growth and potential. I like having an impact on shaping my work and other's work. This is possible at Qualtrics because of its incredible po...

By Qualtrics Life

Suhas, Technical Account Manager, shares his QMobility story

I have always been interested in Tech and Design. More importantly, I’m driven by providing impact. Qualtrics is a perfect blend of being able to use tech to make an impact. As a rapidly expanding e...

By Qualtrics Life

Andrew, Technical Account Manager: Helping people be happy

If we are going to spend several decades of our lives working in our career, we ought to be happy at and in those places of work. That's what I want to be a part of. I want to help people be happy in ...

By Qualtrics Life

Pride Month: Celebrating our LGBTQIA+ people and their stories

Throughout Pride Month we’ll be celebrating our LGBTQIA+ employees by sharing their stories, what Pride means to them, and how to become a better ally to the community. Today marks the beginning ...

By Farren Roper

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