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Chloe – finding support and belonging at Qualtrics

For Women's History Month, Chloe shared a bit about her experience as a woman at Qualtrics and a member of our employee resource group, Women’s Leadership Development. Chloe starting by sharing her favorite thing about being a woman: 

My favorite thing about being a woman is belonging to such a beautiful, diverse community of other women.

What is the one thing you will do this year to play your role in achieving equity?

This year I am focusing on mentorship, both giving and receiving. As part of my job function, I have the honor of program managing the Qualtrics Diversity Mentorship Program, a 3-month, semi-annual program designed to provide current university students from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity for personal and professional development from Qualtrics employees. As a first generation college graduate and professional, programs like these were vital in my university experience to help me navigate the necessary education and training opportunities for my desired career path. I look forward to partnering with Qualtrics employees across the business to show up for students with helpful support and guidance as they look to level up their development! Personally, I will also challenge myself to reprioritize my own development by engaging mentorship from leaders I admire. Qualtrics has a very intentional employee mentorship program and I look forward to connecting with others who can help me develop my leadership style and identify growth opportunities to help me achieve the short term and long term goals for my career!

How has being a part of WLD impacted you and your career?

I have had the most supportive family a woman could ask for, but I didn't grow up with many examples of women in the corporate space. Being a part of WLD has provided me a network of teammates who can help me through unique struggles faced by women in the workplace (especially the corporate tech space.) WLD has also been a space of celebration, highlighting the impact and the women across our global community, reminding me to pause and reflect on my own triumphant moments! Practically, I have received applicable trainings on finances, workplace conflict management, overcoming imposter syndrome, and the list just goes on. Above all, being a part of WLD helps me find unique spaces of belonging that make Qualtrics feel like a place I want to invest my time and energy for the foreseeable future!


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