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The power of customer reviews [Infographic]

If the digital age was the rocket fuel for the Experience Economy, then social media is it’s booster engine. A whole new generation has now entered the market having grown up sharing each and every experience in the moment, whether it’s the meal they just ate, a vacation they have taken, or the latest product to arrive at their doorstep.

The ability for consumers to share their experiences with millions of people in the moment opened up a whole new challenge for brands as experiences were amplified by social media.

It’s great news when you deliver great experiences, as FOMO kicks in and your happiest customers become your biggest advocates. But when customer experiences fail to meet expectations, it can be a real headache and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Check out the power of customer reviews and see how online reputation management can help you take advantage of social media to help attract new customers and drive customer loyalty and spend.


Manage your online reputation with Qualtrics

Amplify the voice of your customers by encouraging them to share feedback on popular review sites, find insights hidden in customer reviews across the internet and respond to reviews with Qualtrics Online Reputation Management.

You’ll be able to boost the number of positive reviews your prospects see, find areas to improve the experience for your customers, and close the loop with detractors on third-party websites - all straight from the Qualtrics Customer Experience Platform.

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Jack Davies // Head of Content, Global

Jack leads the content team at Qualtrics, managing a team of writers and editors who eat, sleep, and breathe Experience Management. He occasionally writes too. Before joining Qualtrics, he spent over 10 years working in advertising and journalism.

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