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10 videos all employee experience professionals should watch

A business’s success begins and end with its employees. As they are the ones who shape customer and therefore brand experience, taking care of employees means taking care of the company. Employees are not only your most important customers but your best recruiters as well. When they tell their friends why they love working at their company, they’re most likely to attract talent that will build the company’s future.

Yet, only 62% of workers in the US are engaged at work, compared to 48% in the UK and 56% in Australia according to the Qualtrics Employee Pulse. Which is why many companies are moving solicit and act on feedback to improve the employee experience.

But where should would-be EX professionals get started? How do they motivate themselves to take the first steps an Employee Experience program? What are the current EX professionals already watching? Here are ten of the best videos to watch when you want to improve employee experience across the employment lifecycle.

1. The Puzzle of Motivation - Daniel Pink

The stick-and-carrot model of motivation is so 12th century. While adequate for simple and straightforward tasks, it doesn’t suffice for the complex maze of problems presented to the modern workforce. Instead, give employees the opportunities for job autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Strengthen your team by bridging the gap between what science knows and what business does.

Watch on YouTube here.

2. Creative Ways to Motivate Employees - Marie Forleo

If you think higher pay is the only way to get better results from employees, think again. The best, most differentiating perks have nothing to do with salary. From better vacation policies to more flexible working hours, there’s a lot of companies can offer employees to boost engagement and performance without breaking the bank.

Watch on YouTube here.

3. Radical Candor - Kim Scott

Truth can hurt. But when you care personally about each of your employees while also challenging them directly, the truth will also set them free. People can’t fix their flaws if they aren’t aware of them, obviously. However, they also won’t want to fix them unless encouraged to do so in an empathetic and supportive way. Be not just professional, but bring your very best self to work.

Watch on YouTube here.

This "Radical Candor" video was a part of the Qualtrics Experience Week series. Find all of that content here.

4. Why We Need to Treat Our Employees as Thoughtfully As Our Customers - Diana Dosik

The value of catering to customers has been well-established. While formulas for doing so are relatively known, the recipe for the ideal employee experience is still being written. By working tying in customer research with employee policy, companies make a primary investment in their organization by paying it forward at home first.

Watch on YouTube here.

5. The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers - Adam Grant

You can’t best serve your employees until you understand them. Part of this process includes coming to terms with the reality that different people produce the best work in different ways. The people whose work habits aggravate you the most may bring the best ideas to the table. Keep them happy and they’ll keep producing.

Watch on Youtube here.

6. Realizing Personality at Work - Linda Moir

Loving your customers and loving your work brings about a sense of freedom. Too rarely are gratitude and appreciation viewed as suitable rewards for high performance when, in reality, validation is a key ingredient in making employees feel valued and recognized for their work. Encourage your employees to use their unique talents to maximize their work and it’ll be their best.

Find on YouTube here.

This "Realizing Personality at Work" video was a part of the Qualtrics Experience Week series. Find all of that content here.

7. Millennials - Kelly Williams Brown

Menaces or messiahs? Many think-pieces have opined both, but opinions aside, millennials are 56 million strong in the American workforce and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Every generation brings about their own shifts in industry and millennials are no exception. Learning to bring out the best of the uniquely talented generation isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential.

Watch on YouTube here.

8. Teachers Need Real Feedback - Bill Gates

On average, teachers receive one word of feedback a year: satisfactory. A company can’t be improved if areas of weakness or deficiency aren’t identified. By gauging employee performance via regular surveys and one-on-one meetings with a manager, an employee can both offer feedback on how the company can improve as well as learn what they can do to help improve it via individual performance.

Watch on YouTube here.

9. 5 Steps to Build and Maintain an Engaging Culture - L. David Kingsley

Salesforce has built a company legacy on their conception of Ohana, an umbrella for their employees, customers, community, and partners. This emphasis on the collective good has led to a 76% renewal rate, with 87% of employees reporting they’d recommend Salesforce as an employer. L. David Kingsley points out that the company’s focus on culture has led to their success in employee engagement, describing culture as the company’s greatest asset and core differentiator.

Watch on YouTube here.

This "5 Steps to Build and Maintain an Engaging Culture" video was a part of the Qualtrics Experience Week series. Find all of that content here.

10. Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe - Simon Sinek

Employees can’t work to their full potential if their primary concern is losing their jobs over a mistake. Rather than respond to the condition of being human with an empty cardboard box, try approaching employees struggling with low engagement with coaching and help to get them back on a productive, successful track.

Watch on YouTube here.

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