For most companies and businesses, obtaining feedback from customers and clients is essential.  It provides them with a glimpse into what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, as well as ways in which operations and relationships could be improved.  But obtaining and organizing this feedback in a way it can easily be sorted and delivered to the right people within the company can often be challenging.

Qualtrics, an online-survey company has the ability to tackle this challenge.  They have easy to create surveys and a lot of functionality.  You can make a survey that begins with asking the customer what topic best relates their subject of feedback.  And then you can provide them with space to jot down their feedback.  The neat thing about Qualtrics is that you can have the feedback sent to specific people based upon what topic was selected.  They call it the “trigger” option, because a selection triggers the email.

Let’s say you make cellphones and you want feedback about the “cellphones breaking” sent to one group of your employees, and “troubleshooting” issues sent to another group.  When they select the “troubleshooting” topic, then that feedback will be automatically  emailed to everyone who has been pre-selected to be on that list.  It is really easy to set this all up and is great for organizing customer satisfaction feedback so that important feedback doesn’t get lost.