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The sovanta User Experience Score is a framework that measures the user experience of your business applications to easily identify strengths and weaknesses, and increase business value in a quick and cost-effective way.

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User experience is more than just usability. To deliver a successful product it’s important to pay attention to all facets of user experience. With the sovanta User Experience Score you can quantify the user experience of your applications and translate the success and progress of user experience efforts into tangible metrics.

User Experience is measurable

The sovanta User Experience Score is a unique framework that observes all aspects of user experience, based on scientific method sets. You’ll receive a detailed overview of the user-experience maturity of your solution, as well as specific underlying user-experience segments that will help quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

A good user experience is key to digital product success:

  • Better conversion rates
  • Better lead generation
  • Improved user interaction
  • Clearer information architecture
  • Reduced need for support
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Design consistent with current trends
  • Greater brand perception

Outcomes Delivered

  • Easily identify potential for improvement of your business applications based on a scientific method set
  • Use the results as basis for decisions which are based on evidence rather than opinions
  • Utilize this user-experience framework before, during, and after a project to measure the success of an investment

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Expert-built survey

An expertly-built framework template based on established standards and scientific methodology ensures coverage of all aspects of user experience. You will benefit from the broad experience of our experts, who have been certified as UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience. The survey consists of 36 questions grouped in 4 main and 12 sub-categories. Layout, structure, and logic is all set up and ready to use.

Easy data collection

The sovanta User Experience Score is a unique framework used to quantify the user experience of your applications without support of an expert. The survey was comprehensively tailored to be carried out with real users. Due to the clear structure and easy-to-use 5-point Likert scale, the questions can be answered effortlessly and provide solid data for immediate evaluation. The survey utilizes proven methods to reduce order bias and improve overall data quality like question randomization and reverse coding of selective questions.

Prebuilt dashboards

Turn your data into insights with comprehensive, pre-built dashboards. The evaluation of the data at various levels provides a detailed overview of the user experience maturity of the overall application as well as all underlying user experience segments. Due to the uniform presentation of the results in the form of a 5-point score, the segments can easily be compared with each other to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.


Make user experience tangible

The one-sided view that equates user experience with usability is no longer up to date. That is why the sovanta User Experience Score is based on a multidimensional model of user experience based on four core areas:

Ease of Use

Can your application be operated easily and intuitively? Does your design follow a uniform principle? And does it offer a good overview of its range of functions? This category evaluates the consistency, controllability and clarity of your application.

Utility of Use

Is your application well-tailored to the needs of your users? Does it increase their productivity? And does it enable you to work efficiently? This category focuses on the usefulness, effectiveness and efficiency of your digital product.

Range of Use

Can your application be operated well on different devices? How well does it work with other systems? And how do users perceive the performance? This category examines the technical aspects of your digital product.

Joy of Use

Is your application perceived as a personal assistant? Does it provide easily understandable and constructive feedback? And is the design contemporary and appealing? This category refers to the perceived aesthetics and the emotions that arise when using your application.

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