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Humans of Qualtrics: Eden

MosaiQ is highlighting the diverse stories of its members throughout February for Black History Month with the Humans of Qualtrics project. We'd like to introduce you to Eden.

How do you express your Black identity?

One of the main issues I have had to overcome as a black individual is occupying spaces in which previously there were little-to-no persons of color. This issue was mostly prominent when I was in college and during my Bachelor's and Master's, I was one of few POCs. This can be very intimidating, especially as a new student to walk into a room and not find anyone who looks like you, it can make it hard to branch out to make friends, form relationships with professors, and even network, often limiting your opportunities to be selected for graduate programs, internships, and jobs. This issue was also noticeable in my lack of a mentor because I wanted one who I could identify with, I do not know this for certain, but I like to think had I had that mentorship opportunity I would have felt more empowered while in college to seek out opportu­nities or have someone to help guide me into the direction I needed to go in. It ultimately worked out and I found my path but having some­one to help me do that would have saved me a lot of headaches. 

My biggest accomplishment to date is after feeling so lost in my freshman year of college. I did not know what I wanted to study or what I wanted to do post-grad and I was struggling with my mental health, coupling that with being away from home for the first time that was probably the darkest point in my life. I went off to college, pursued a psychology degree for a year before realizing that was not what I wanted to do, I left school for a semester to figure out what it was I wanted to do and I was so lucky to figure that out in a semester. Upon returning to school with a new passion for HR, I completed my undergraduate degree, was accepted into a 1-year MBA program with a concentration in HR, and completed that as well. My time job searching was not too long (- 2 months) before I got a phone call from Qualtrics that would change my life. When I think back onto what got me to the point I am at now, I see how hard it was in the beginning, how soul-crushing it was to see my friends graduate 1 year before me, and how tired I was from working long hours and taking an overloaded schedule, but it was all fortunately worth it in the end!

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MosaiQ advances the careers, goals, and well-being of communities of color by intentionally and continuously attracting and engaging diverse talent, stimulating awareness around the need to amplify underrepresented voices, and cultivating belonging within our customer and employee experiences.

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