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Ali, Principal Research Manager, says "you can have it all" in life and career!

I fell in love with Market Research my sophomore year of college. For me, it was the perfect blend of art and science (marketing/creative and math/statistics) that I was craving. I was also introduced...

By Qualtrics Life

Humans of Qualtrics: Russell

MosaiQ highlights voices and stories told by the Qualtrics team. They share these with us in the Humans of Qualtrics project. We're here to introduce you to Russell. My parents are Vietnam War ...

By MosaiQ

Profile of a People Leader: Vicki Tisdale

This interview took place shortly after we announced our 2019 People Leader of the Year awards. Vicki won the award as a sales leader and was one of three recipients of the award. If you’d like to r...

By Qualtrics Life

People Leader of the Year Awards: 2019

We know that effective leadership is one of the keys to having happy, engaged team members. How? As “Customer 0” for much of the Qualtrics XM platform, we’ve been doing quarterly surveys since S...

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Home Sweet (Work From) Home

Social distancing as a result of COVID-19 has us spending an unprecedented amount of time in our homes. We work from home, we homeschool, we don’t get to go out for dinner or drinks with our friends...

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Humans of Qualtrics: Jasmine

MosaiQ is highlighting the diverse stories of its members throughout May for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the Humans of Qualtrics project. ⁠ ⁠ We're kicking off the month wi...

By MosaiQ

Creating Connections in Sydney with a Research Services Career: Austine's Story

Making connections with people is really important to me. So, creating and maintaining these relationships with clients is what I enjoy doing. This is how Qualtrics connects me with my 'why.' Wha...

By Qualtrics Life

Why Qualtrics - Bill Guo - Manager, Research Services - Sydney, Australia

We're in the Information Age. Individuals, corporations and governments are surrounded by information, by data. But data on its own is nothing more than tickmarks on a survey, nothing more than zeros ...

By Qualtrics Life

Why Qualtrics - Sneha Baste - Research Services Project Manager - Sydney, Australia

My “why” is that I have been so, so lucky to be given the opportunity to explore, travel, learn, and do so many things that some people can't even dream of doing. I want to make full use of this a...

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