Why Qualtrics

How what we’re working on connects with what we want out of life

Growing Up to Fulfill the Dream: Szymon, Senior Software Engineer

I became interested in computers when I was 6 years old and my father brought from the US a Commodore 64 8-bit computer in the late 80s. My time was split between playing games and trying to understan...

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Daniel, Account Executive, on the Opportunity to Learn

Two aspects of life that put fuel to the fire for me are learning and meeting new people. I'm naturally a very curious person, so Sales has been a fantastic career choice over the last 7 years. It has...

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Finding Connection: Alexus, Technical Sourcer, on Growing the Team at Qualtrics

Alexus is a technical sourcer based out of our Provo, Utah HQ. As a technical sourcer, she is responsible for finding and matching talented people with our technical teams. I do what I do to ma...

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Chief Industry Advisor, Jesse, on Why He Chose Qualtrics

My WHY is To help People to learn and grow; Teams to do and deliver incredible work; Organizations to create remarkable impact; Everyone to enjoy the ride. Qualtrics connects with my why becau...

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Alexa-Reigh, Account Executive, Talks Fresh Starts at Qualtrics

My core values are being family-focused & personal development. In my last role, I felt stagnant and unengaged. I was looking for a new opportunity to learn, to sell to a new audience, and to be w...

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Building a Happy Life: Kennedy, Recruiting Specialist

My “why” is centered around building a happy life. To me, happiness involves strong relationships, opportunities for growth, and creating memorable experiences. Qualtrics connects me to my “why...

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Sarah, EX Technology Consultant: Finding Out "Why"

I was the kid that always asked, “Why is this? Why is that?” You could find me tinkering around with things and trying to figure them out. I just really like to know how things work. In my role he...

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Sarthak, Solution Architect: Going Far Together

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together” I believe in the phrase “What is meant to happen will happen“. Well, I had first heard about Qualtrics from a friend...

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Christian, Technical Recruiting Lead, on a Career of a Lifetime

I love working in recruiting because with every hire I make, I am able to build a new relationship and directly impact an individual’s life (and often their family’s as well) while also contributi...

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Petros Talks Customer Success Careers in NYC

I am passionate about building and growing high performing teams, as well as helping businesses improve the experiences they offer to customers and employees. One of my goals is to one day lead a glob...

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Ryan, Regional Sales Manager, on Expanding Qualtrics in Toronto

My 'why' professionally is to continue developing myself and others around me and take on the most critical challenges. On a personal side, it revolves around providing a lifestyle of gratitude and we...

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A Life of Perseverance: Bernadette on a Career in Technical Recruiting

“I am my parents’ American Dream.” I never realized how much I carried my parents’ hopes and dreams throughout my life. My family immigrated from the Philippines in a hopeful attempt to pro...

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