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Carol Haney

Author Bio

At Qualtrics, Carol Haney is head of research and data science. Her principal research area is online quantitative research, specifically focusing on best practices around sampling, Total Survey Error, and advanced analytics.

Carol currently works with multiple commercial clients, mostly in the financial, health, and tech spaces. Carol has experience running large survey programs that involve customer experience, segmentation, and performance measurement. In 2015, Carol was honored by Qualtrics as the most valuable player.

Prior to Qualtrics, Carol has worked in executive positions at Toluna; Harris Interactive; TNS; SPSS; and the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. Carol currently leads all the formative research for the CDC’s anti-smoking ads for the past five years, a campaign that has in part contributed to the five-year decline in smoking rate in the U.S. amongst adults from 23% to 14%.