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The business value of customer experience research

There’s a massive gap between the experiences consumers want and what organizations are giving them. According to Bain and Co, 80% of organizations feel like they are providing a great experience, yet only 8% of customers actually agree. Failing to bridge the gap can be costly. In fact, 80%of customers have opted to switch brands […]

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6 Key stages in product research you need to get right

In the 1990’s credit card giant American Express analyzed their customer base and recognized that many of their customers were business professionals who valued points for airlines and hotel stays. From that research, American Express created a new line of products geared towards this segment. Today, these credit cards are still among American Express’s most […]

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3 Steps to Successful Product Concept Testing

In the 1950’s, Ford invested $350 million ($3.1 billion in today’s rates) in the Edsel. The company ran consumer polls, but managers ignored the research. Instead, they ran a hype-filled marketing campaign. When the product launched, even its revolutionary features like Teletouch transmission and electronic controls were not enough to save it. The Edsel was […]

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