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Liesl Nielsen

Author Bio

Liesl is a public relations analyst for Qualtrics, working to tell stories about data, as well as customer and employee success. She is an avid writer and recovering journalist.

Articles written by Liesl Nielsen

Report: Here’s how the pandemic changed the future of work

The world is in the middle of an experience transformation. For all the difficult and devastating consequences of the pandemic, it has also taught us that a new and better way of working is possibl...

6min read

New research: A majority of employees support vaccine mandates for businesses and in the workplace

How do employees feel about mandatory vaccinations and how can organizations address the new federal mandate while addressing the concerns and requirements of employees? In this article, we share our ...

9min read

How ready are Americans to trust a COVID-19 vaccine?

After months of quarantine and a barrage of changing information, much of the American public has been left feeling confused and concerned about the effects, safety, and timeline of a COVID-19 vaccine...

5min read

Study: COVID-19 offers us the chance to improve employee experience and create the ‘new better.’ Here’s how.

Employees across all industries are facing experience gaps at work. And during the pandemic, issues that used to just bother people became serious impediments to work. At Qualtrics, we conducted a ...

6min read

How a Texas program for women and children reached clients and kept them coming back

All content and comments included in this piece were independently gathered by a Qualtrics representative based on a virtual session presented by the Texas WIC at the National WIC Association Annual C...

7min read

How a Michigan county is saving hundreds of hours of work while tracking high-risk COVID-19 contacts

The first person to test positive for COVID-19 in Ottawa County, Michigan, was in close contact with about 70 other people during the time they might have been infected. It fell to the local county he...

5min read

Is America ready to return to work and get back to business?

Most U.S. states are making plans to reopen as the country struggles to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. But as governments and businesses move forward, the question remains: Are Americans ready? ...

13min read