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What’s new in CustomerXM? The latest experience innovations from Qualtrics

It’s been a busy few months here at Qualtrics, with plenty of new updates to the CustomerXM platform. We always strive to connect customer needs for building a great customer experience with direct impact to their business.

Did you know that for every 1 star increase in an online review revenue can increase by up to 11%? That insight, combined with customer feedback, is why we launched Online Reputation Management which enables brands to amplify, analyze and interact with customers and the reviews they leave on major review sites like App Store and Yelp. An early adopter of this technology in the financial services industry  saw their number of reviews increase significantly and doubled their star ratings, leading to increased app downloads and ultimately a higher level of satisfaction. This is just one of many ways we’re turning pain points into opportunities for CustomerXM users.

In the last six months, brands from around the world have launched more than 500 new CX programs using CustomerXM, making Qualtrics the fastest growing provider in the industry. Plus, we’ve expanded our network of partners, giving you access to more than 120 organizations and 300 certified consultants to help you design, build and deploy world-class CX programs on the Experience Management Platform™.

Check out some of the latest product innovations available now to close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough experiences.

XM Institute Benchmarks

Want to see how you compare to your competitors, or even the leaders in other categories? Context for performance is relative to both your company’s prior experience and that of the industry.

NPS Benchmarks from the XM Institute help your organization to clearly understand the leaders delivering the best customer experiences in each industry and identify how the results of your organization compare.  These results can be included within your Qualtrics CX dashboards to provide an ongoing comparison, and to help prioritize customer experience activities and investments.

It incorporates another layer of benchmarking to help you see how you’re doing, growing our portfolio of benchmarks on the XM Platform, launched by our partners earlier this year — Bain NPS Prism, JD Power, Walker Loyalty Matrix, and Kantar TRIM.

Learn more about our NPS benchmarks

Online Reputation Management

Social media and mobile app reviews are fast becoming the key battleground in customer experience - hardly surprising when you consider that 95% of people have sought out online reviews before making a purchase decision about a product or service.

What your customers and prospects say in social media matters. And it can provide a rich source of insights from an audience you may not hear from on other channels.

We’re delighted to launch Online Reputation Management, bringing experience data from social media, including your mobile app reviews, into your Qualtrics CX program. You can apply all the same analytics as you can to any other customer data, plus you can close the loop with customers and respond to them on their chosen platform without ever leaving your Qualtrics account.

It’s great to hear some of the early success stories of our customers, I recently heard from Patty Lopez, VP of Guest Experience at Fiesta International Group that it was “a game changer.”

online reputation management dashboard

Faster, simpler in-app reviews

To get your app noticed, you need reviews - social factors such as the number of reviews an app has are now key ranking factors for both Apple and Google when it comes to displaying search results.

And when users find your app, the rating is a key factor in whether they download - it’s been shown just 15% of people would consider downloading an app with a 2-star review, while 96% would consider an app with 4 stars.

That’s why we’ve made it even easier for you to ask for reviews and get feedback from your customers, directly in your app. Plus, you’ll be able to pull those reviews into your CX dashboards alongside other social media feedback.

Now you can see what people are saying about your app, track sentiment changes and spot opportunities to improve and deliver a better experience for your users. 

In-app reviews

Prioritize your improvements with Focus Areas

Struggling to work out what to focus on next? Want to prioritize your CX to-do list to have the greatest impact? Focus Areas for CX will empower you to do just that and is now available.

If you joined us for X4 this year you would have seen this in action — prescriptive insights, tailored by department and role. It automatically surfaces the most important actions you can take to have an impact on the customer experience. For instance, a contact center agent might see there is an opportunity to improve her product knowledge to impact the customer experience, or an account manager might see a recommendation to do more quarterly account planning.

So now everyone in the organization has their own personal expert, always on hand to keep them focused on the tasks that will have the biggest impact on customers.

This makes it much easier to find the right insights and take action. Recently, I heard from North American Bancard, “I love that with Qualtrics...managers don’t need to dig into the insights or analyze the data themselves because the information is readily available.”

focus area dashboard

Adobe Launch - scale your digital CX program

Optimize your digital experience with our new integration with Adobe Launch. You can now launch feedback intercepts on any digital platform and see the responses in your Qualtrics account in real time.

With the Adobe Launch integration, you can quickly create and deploy feedback Intercepts across all of your digital properties. Plus, you can manage website feedback tags to track customer feedback and behavior more efficiently. With all this you can bring together your organizations experience (X) and operation (O) data together to understand the relationship between the two.

Adobe Launch CX Program

Facebook Chat feedback - new and improved

Natural, conversational feedback via chatbots is increasingly a key part of any CX program, providing new ways to engage customers, improving digital journeys and helping to reduce costs to serve in contact centers.

Our new conversation API streamlines our integration into Facebook Chat. Now it's easier than ever to meet your customers where they are by embedding feedback collection right within the chat experience itself. Go from conversation to insight all with a simple, intuitive customer experience. 

Facebook chat feed

Route your feedback to the right people with MS dynamics, Zendesk and Marketo integrations

Some of the best insights are often buried in feedback sent to ‘other’ teams. Don’t let internal silos hold you back — with smart routing, CustomerXM automatically identifies topics within your customers’ feedback and routes it to the right team - no matter how many topics there are within the same set of feedback.

Over the past three months we’ve expanded Smart Routing and automatic workflows with new integrations including Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and Marketo. So wherever customers leave their feedback, it always gets routed to the people who can take action helping you to close the loop and act on insights faster.

Plus, much more!

That’s not all, we’ve also introduced:

  • Mobile responsive and accessible intercept creative
  • Text iQ in 5 new languages
  • Action Planning
  • Dashboard Filters
  • Export limits for csv based on role
  • tsv support for label

Have  a question about any of these updates? Just chat with your customer  success team to see how they work and get started with these new features today

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Thanks for taking the time to learn what’s new in Customer XM at Qualtrics.




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