Have you ever been shopping in a store and gotten the impression that the people there didn’t really care about your business? Maybe you walked around the same aisle a few times, hoping that you’d get a salesperson’s attention, to no avail. Did you leave the store totally frustrated?

Or have you ever called a service centre to dispute a charge on your bill? Perhaps you received an adjustment and a promise that it wouldn’t happen again, and then your next bill came through with the same mischarge? Did you ponder switching providers immediately?

We are all customers, and we’ve all experienced the frustration of having unmet needs or unfulfilled expectations. But what do customers need and expect in today’s environment? In partnership with Engage Business Media we conducted a study of the current customer experience environment in Europe to find out. Here are 3 of the 10 key insights from our CX study.

Europe’s Changing CX Environment

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1. Respond: 64% of customers consider it very important that an organisation respond to feedback they provide. This is particularly important for Millennials.

Respond chart
2. Resolve: 77% of customers consider it very or extremely important that that their query be resolved the first time.

Resolve chart
3. Digital demand: 58% of customers would use a service from an organisation if the only option for managing that service was online.

Digital chart
It’s essential to respond to customer feedback and limit customer effort when there’s an issue, but these insights also hint at an impending future where the customer experience will become increasingly driven by technology.

Our research report, Europe’s Changing CX Environment presents the ten most important insights we gained from today’s customers, complete with thorough explanations for context, easy-to-digest visualisations, and action steps you can take today.

Why download the whole report? You’ll learn

  • How quickly customers age 22 or younger expect to be contacted after they’ve provided feedback
  • Differences between what CX professionals and customers think about the status quo
  • The portion of customers that wouldn’t blink an eye at the notion of working entirely with robot service agents (as long as the service met their expectations)
Europe’s Changing CX Environment

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