2017 Apparel Retail Study — Top Insights

2017 Apparel Retail Study — Top Insights

In a blind study, Qualtrics asked over 1,300 recent apparel shoppers about their attitudes and behaviors regarding shopping trends, engaging with apparel retailers and their overall clothing shopping experiences.

With increasing acceptance of apparel ecommerce, new technologies and shifting shopper behaviors, apparel retailers must better understand and improve the experiences they offer to shoppers through data and insight.

Section 1

Apparel retail trends


How likely would you be to shop for clothing at a "showroom store" that only displays clothing to try on in person and then purchase with an online order?


What would be your main concerns about a "showroom store"?


Have you ever been in a clothing store that offered an experience beyond shopping such as a coffee bar, TVs or video games?


Did you end up spending more money in the store because of experience amenities?


Have you considered joining a clothing subscription service?


Have your purchases of less formal clothing declined in the past 12 months because your employer relaxed their dress code?

Section 2

Engagement with apparel retailers


If you submit feedback to a clothing retail store, approximately what percent of the time do you believe your feedback actually goes to someone who can act on it?


How much more likely are you to shop at a clothing retailer's online store if you also shop in person at their store?


If you submit a complaint to a clothing retailer, how long do you expect it to take to get a response?


Do you follow any clothing retailers on social media?


Why don't you follow any clothing retailers?

Section 3

The clothing shopping experience

Question 3.1

In the past 12 months, what percent of your clothing shopping experiences have been extremely good?

Question 3.2

What's most important to you when shopping in person at a clothing store?

clothing selection

having prices the same or lower than online

having advertised items in stock

earning loyalty points

convenient parking

store atmosphere

Question 3.3

If a clothing retailer quickly resolves your problem, how does it affect your opinion?


Question 3.4

How much more likely are you to shop at a clothing retailer that can give you personalized recommendations?

Question 3.5

If a clothing retailer fails to meet your expectations, what are you likely to do?

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