What’s New in 360
in XM?

Participant Portal

The 360 participant portal has an all-new look and feel! Also, improved user navigation and workflow make it easier to understand and move through tasks to provide an even better participant experience.

Localization of all admin sections

All administrative capabilities are now localizable via a drop down language menu on the User Settings page. Currently, 14 languages are available.

Projects Tab


In addition to the default folders (All Projects, Shared with me, Uncategorized), create custom folders and subfolders and easily drag, drop, and nest Projects

Star a project

Prioritize and group projects into Starred and Not Starred categories by clicking the star to the left of the project name.

Participants Tab

New Import Tracker

Review past import results to highlight import file data discrepancies, or trace import history to better manage participant and hierarchy data.

Surveys Tab

Persistent survey editor unlock

The system now recognizes whether a survey that has recorded at least one response was locked or unlocked for editing when a user last logged in. No longer any need to manually unlock the survey each time you’d like to make an edit.

Survey and messages library

By integrating with the core platform, EX clients gain access to the Qualtrics survey library where they can pull from expert-designed survey templates and methodologically sound questions.

Additional end of survey options

Easily direct survey takers to a URL, a single response report, and more.

Expanded Survey Options

Set a survey expiration date, turn off Save & Continue, all from the Survey Options menu.

Data Tab

View and Edit responses

The Data tab allows you to manage, add information to, and analyze individual participant responses. Add tags to completed responses, download Responses in Progress, or delete responses from this section all without waiting for a download.


Before integration, EX users were unable to edit survey messages they had saved to their message library. Now, users have access to editing capabilities that prevent them from having to build new messages from scratch if they want to make minor changes to messaging. For more details about this feature, click here.


Project Sharing

Project owners can now share a project with another user to better facilitate collaboration and control access. This includes the ability to restrict functionality available to the shared user. For more detail about this feature, click here.

Brand admins can change the organization settings

Several features that used to require Qualtrics intervention are now exposed to brand administrators. These features include: setting up a Blind Carbon Copy address, defining password difficulty settings, and entering text that will be displayed on the login page. For more details about this feature, click here.

New User and Project Admin features

Administrators can now view project owners in a quick list, and transfer ownership quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If a brand has multiple products, do they all need to be moved to XM at the same time?

A. Yes, a brand needs to have all products migrated at the same time. This means if a brand has 360 and Employee Engagement on the same brand, both will need to be moved to the XM platform at the same time.

Q. What do I need to do to get these updates in my Qualtrics account?

A. Contact your Qualtrics Client Success Manager to opt in. Opting in does not require any additional cost.

Q. Are these updates available for my Qualtrics Employee Engagement projects also?

A. These updates are also currently available for our entire EX platform.

Q. How can I obtain access to the Research Core mentioned above?

A. The features and functionality of Qualtrics’ Research Core product can now be accessed from your Qualtrics EX account provided that your Qualtrics license includes this access. To learn more, please reach out to your Qualtrics Client Success Manager or Account Executive.

Q. What should I do if I have additional questions after migrating?

A. We are confident that you and your team will quickly be able to take advantage of the new features listed here through our intuitive interface. If you have specific questions about functionality or features that are not addressed in this document, simply reach out to your Qualtrics Client Success Manager or our Support team.

Q. You mention it is currently only available by request. What is the timeline for everyone to have access?

A. We are targeting a full rollout of our 360 product by end of Q4 2017.

Q. My organization has several administrators. Can we migrate individually or must we all migrate together?

A. All administrators will migrate together.

Q. I have a project in flight. Are there any risks to migrating now?

A. This upgrade maintains all the functionality you are used to as well as introducing new features. There aren’t any risks to your existing projects and data. Should you find any problems in your workflows, you can migrate back to the legacy interface at any time.

Q. How long will the migration take?

A. Once you’ve requested the migration, you should see the new interface in your account within 2-3 business days.

Q. How will this migration impact the experience of people taking the survey or accessing reports?

A. The updates and additions included in this migration are primarily relevant to administrators. Your in-flight surveys and reports will not be changed.