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My Qualtrics Experience – Courtney Davis – Associate Manager, UX – Seattle

What did you choose as your Qualtrics Experience?

My First Mother's day was made extra special as my husband, 6-month old, and I were able to break away from the in-laws in AZ to spend a couple nights in a higher-end Scottsdale resort. My son, Caden went swimming for the first time ever and loved it. I enjoyed sunrise yoga with Red Rock mountain views, late-night 5 star dinners, pool-side service with the wave of a hand, and naps in the warm dry air from our private loungers on the patio. It was a wonderfully restorative trip that I certainly wouldn't justify without this generous benefit. Thank you Qualtrics!

One of our objectives at Qualtrics is to encourage employees to Learn, Lead, and Live. Please explain how your experience contributed to this objective.

As a new mom, you hear about the importance of making time to rest and take care of yourself from almost everyone it seems. However, practical execution of this advice doesn't always feel within reach, especially as a new full-time working mom. This gift reminded me first hand why making room for a relaxing experience is not just nice but necessary. I can lead by example based on this important lesson to take a break and live a little!

Just one more example of why you might want to check out our open opportunities at Qualtrics and see if you are a fit!

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Courtney Davis is a Senior UX Designer in Qualtrics' Seattle, Washington office. She studied Art Teacher Education at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and holds a Bachelors of Science in Visualization from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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