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Learn about the Enterprise Sales team straight from the source. From the stories of why Qualtrics is where they’re building their careers to their involvement in the Q-mmunity, the team shares their stories here for you.

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A Passion for Sales - Logan

My primary 'why' has always been rooted in my desire to be successful and provide for my family. Recently, we learned we are expecting our first child, which will make my 'why' even more important. Be...

By Qualtrics Life

Seoyeon Lee, take on the challenge every day

안녕하세요. 저는 퀄트릭스에서 Mid market 담당 Account Executive를 맡고 있는 이서연입니다. 우리의 가치를 전달하고 설득하여 고객의 비즈니스를 돕는다는...

By Qualtrics Life

Aaron, Enterprise Sales: Partnering to create possibilities

We're currently in the Experience Era. Organisations are paying more attention to extrinsic data and feedback from customers and employees rather than making decisions solely on what they think these ...

By Qualtrics Life

Humans of Qualtrics: Eddie

After my dad’s passing at the age of 10, my mom made a tough decision to move my family from Pakistan to California.  While she left her career behind as a gynecologist, she knew moving to the US w...

By Qualtrics Life

Curiosity + Challenge = Alexandra, Enterprise Sales

This is tough :-) I think my “why” comes down to two things: I am endlessly curious and always looking for the next challenge, the next thing I can learn. Coming to Q was outside of my comfor...

By Qualtrics Life

5-star experiences with Jason, Enterprise Sales

My family is definitely my why. I do what I do so I can help foster an environment for great experiences for my wife, kids, extended family, and friends. My hope is that they look back on our experien...

By Qualtrics Life

Culture and People: Luis explains what attracted him to Qualtrics

After 18 years in sales, every new quarter and every new year is a new challenge for my professional career. I’m passionate about discovering new limits and being in sales is a very nice activity to...

By Qualtrics Life

On the Brink of Something New: Ashley on Enterprise Sales Management

I always love being the first person to do something, whether that is being the first to sell a new type of solution or developing new operating models with my team that are then rolled out to the res...

By Qualtrics Life

A World of Possibilities: Marc Talks Enterprise Sales Careers in Singapore and Sydney

Marc is on the commercial enterprise sales team, covering mainly Singapore and Malaysia. Based out of Singapore, he took time out to share more about his experience at Qualtrics, what brought him to t...

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