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A World of Possibilities: Marc Talks Enterprise Sales Careers in Singapore and Sydney

Marc is on the commercial enterprise sales team, covering mainly Singapore and Malaysia. Based out of Singapore, he took time out to share more about his experience at Qualtrics, what brought him to the team, and what has kept him engaged in his role. Check out why Qualtrics is where he has continued to build his enterprise sales career in Singapore. 

I joined Qualtrics almost 5 years ago as one of the first Australian employees as part of the Q's entry into the Asia Pacific. Having worked in similar start-up businesses, I loved the idea of being part of the first employee wave: building a business and watching it scale. I love a challenge and throwing myself in the deep end so Qualtrics was a great fit at that point in my life.

What attracted you to Qualtrics in the first place?

I had just left a large corporation and wanted to be part of a smaller more agile business where we had the freedom to experiment and fail, adapt and run quickly into an ever-changing experience landscape. After I researched Qualtrics, the founders really resonated with me and I wanted to be a part of the story.

What is your favorite part of your role?

I work in Enterprise Sales and have the opportunity to partake in a number of tasks from directly selling, strategizing on plans, marketing, public speaking at events, traveling across Asia, and making relationships with the most senior people in Asia's largest companies. My favorite part of the role is knowing that each day new opportunity presents itself and can be found - you just have to look!

So, you and the family moved to Singapore, right? Tell us about it.

I originally started in the Melbourne office with 2 other colleagues and we kept that number for some time while Sydney continued to grow rapidly. After 3 years and some great wins in the Victoria region, I decided it was time to do it all again, put my hand up, and moved with my wife and baby boy to Singapore as part of the landing team. It's been almost 2 years and we have gone from 5 employees to 30 and will double that by this time next year.

Any tips for someone who is considering a role at Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is seeking to almost triple in size over the next 3-4 years, and the opportunities for career progression are huge. A lot of the biggest hurdles have been worked through from the earlier teams and we are well set up to continue our success over the years to come. If you are up for working in a fast-paced and forever changing landscape, challenge yourself and apply.

What are your aspirations in career/life?

I love to train, motivate and advise both clients and my colleagues. Having had the experience of working in Australia before moving to Singapore I have been able to bring those activities to the business here. In the future, I would like to play more of a sales leadership role in Enterprise.

Qualtrics is growing, and if you're ready to find your "why" at a place like this, you can explore our open opportunities at any time by visiting our career page. Looking to discover more reasons "Why Qualtrics"? You can find the whole series here.

Want to chat? You can get in touch by checking out Qualtrics Life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Marc is an alumnus of Monash University and the University of Utrecht and started his career at Forty Two International. He has lived and worked in 4 countries now and believes these experiences are priceless in helping a person grow and develop.


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