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Yuka, Sales Development Representative, talks about being One Team in Japan

Experiences are important in any scenario. Doesn’t matter the timing. If you want to do it, continue after it at your own pace. I joined an exchange program to Albany in NY from Kansai Gaidai Uni...

By Qualtrics Life

Does your job connect to your Why? Ronda, Sales Leader, lists the ways!

My outlook is that anyone can be a “manager” but a true leader isn’t in their role for the “title” or monetary gains they are in leadership to be a servant to their team and others. My why i...

By Qualtrics Life

TACOS in Tokyo: Taro, Enterprise Team Lead

I value how authentically I can behave when I meet people. Every day I ask myself if I can share my values with people as much as I wish. I sometimes can feel myself growing personally by being honest...

By Qualtrics Life

Culture, great product & the opportunity to learn - Arantxa, Principal Analyst, Business Development

When I look for a company to work for there are some main things I consider important. Culture: Everyone in the interview process was extremely nice, kind, and smart. I realized in every convers...

By Qualtrics Life

Humans of Qualtrics: Eddie

After my dad’s passing at the age of 10, my mom made a tough decision to move my family from Pakistan to California.  While she left her career behind as a gynecologist, she knew moving to the US w...

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Todd, Area Vice President, shares his "why" behind Qualtrics

A purpose drives me to support my family. My wife Kari of 27 years and I love spending time with our three children, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, our dogs River, Roxy, Mavric, and Pooch-in-Law "Goose....

By Qualtrics Life

Francisco, Account Executive, talks about "Why Qualtrics"

I always knew I liked to listen to people, and that most problems we face in life, are "people problems" (this means poor communication, wrongly assuming things, fear of giving bad news, etc). An impo...

By Qualtrics Life

Ilan’s, Senior Specialist - Sales Proposals, "why": Working to empower improvement in experiences

I'm really interested in both process efficiency and experience management and have found that these subjects often intersect. If a process is inefficient, then the related experiences will not be pos...

By Qualtrics Life

Curiosity + Challenge = Alexandra, Enterprise Sales

This is tough :-) I think my “why” comes down to two things: I am endlessly curious and always looking for the next challenge, the next thing I can learn. Coming to Q was outside of my comfor...

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