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‘Why Qualtrics’ – JanPaul Bergeson – Engineer – Provo

What is your 'why'? How does Qualtrics connect with your 'why'?

I first talked to a Qualtrics recruiter just over 3 years ago, at a career fair at my university. As a Computer Engineering student, I was eager to work on technically challenging projects, in a comfortable, focused setting, for a company doing something that mattered. I felt then that Qualtrics would tick all of my boxes, and it has! Qualtrics is creating its own market space, and in doing so, gives us the challenge of quickly creating and expanding the XM Platform in a robust, scalable way. The management at this company cares deeply about the employees, and believes in innovation through freedom. Qualtrics strives to rise beyond surveys and to provide understanding to many people, which helps me feel like I'm working on something that matters. On top of that, the Five For The Fight program ensures that as a company we contribute to a cause that will have a positive impact in the lives of many people.

What attracted you to Qualtrics in the first place?

Everyone I talked to about Qualtrics was just so enthusiastic about the company. I thought, "there has to be something to this." There's just an excitement about working somewhere that you can have such a big impact. I feel the same excitement when I'm able to provide a solution to a problem that customers or other engineers have been struggling with for months.

What does your day look like?

It's pretty freeform, really. There's a lot of work that needs to be done, but it's up to me to decide which things to prioritize, what design to use for the solution, and what would be the best way to deploy.

What surprised you the most about working at Qualtrics?

The great balance that the engineering team strikes between the freedom you'd normally have at a small company, coupled with the strength of resources you'd only be able to get at a large company. The various management and tooling teams have really put forth the effort to make sure that the mundane parts of the software development process are taken care of for us, while at the same time cutting down on red tape to preserve our freedom to innovate.

To read more about JanPaul, his role at Qualtrics, and lessons he has learned from large-scale data migration check out this blog post on Stack’s & Q’s, the Qualtrics Engineering Blog.

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JanPaul Bergeson is a Software Engineer at Qualtrics in Provo, UT.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University.


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