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‘Why’ Qualtrics Series: Wednesday Wisdom – Shaunda Z. Talent Brand Manager at Qualtrics

"My purpose is to help others find their purpose - Shaunda Z."

This all started when I applied my marketing background to recruiting because I was so inspired to market experiences instead of products or services.

I believe today, more than ever, the majority of us want to find purpose in our jobs and our careers. Work is where we will spend most of waking hours and certainly integrate (not balance) with life!

We want to be sure we are making a difference, an impact, in the world. In ‘selling experiences’ (jobs) at companies I was able to help people find their fit, their purpose… to fit their purpose to their career.

Using Data To Find Your Purpose

In the recent past I was able to implement my purpose in my role at a Fortune 50 company. I was their Global Employment Brand Leader. In this role I realized there was a lot of data and insights that could be gathered about the experience (the job) and the person (the candidate).

But what I noticed about the company was that data wasn’t driving decisions. The process of recruiting, applying for a job, researching a company, and evaluating if you are a fit (or if the company is a fit for you) was all still very manual and somewhat of a guessing game.

Think about your last job interview. You were trying to figure out if this is the company you wanted to be a part of and they were trying to figure out if you were the right person for the job. Human interactions to figure these things out are essential, but wouldn’t it be cool if we used data to narrow it down in the first place?

Think about it… Netflix does it with the shows and movies it recommends to each profile based on what you have watched in the recent past. Clicklist brings up the groceries that you usually order each week to ‘Start your list’, and your Starbucks app remembers your favorite drink or last order.

The companies that are winning are making decisions and selling experiences using data - and jobs are no different. We buy our coffee in the morning based on data, so why not our careers? Check out this article where I dive deeper into this idea.

Why was I selling experiences without data? After all, this is my ‘why’.

Finding My "Why" at Qualtrics

Then I got a phone call one day and heard about Qualtrics - the experience management company that helps organisations make data-driven decisions. I knew I had met my ‘why’.

In the short time I’ve been here I realize that my ‘why’ - helping people find purpose and doing it as best we can by using data - is only part of the story.

At Qualtrics, we help an exponential number of people through the organizations we work with by helping them create better workplace cultures, develop amazing products, build stronger brands or deliver experiences to their customers.

Think about that in terms of my purpose to help people find their purpose. We can use data to help employees/candidates find their fit, develop their purpose, and incorporate it into the work/life integration. At the experience management company, Qualtrics, we get to help an exponential number of people through all the organizations we help have insight driven experiences.

My ‘why’ at Qualtrics is now so much more… I get to sell experiences to top talent to come to our company and use their talents and purpose to positively, and exponentially, effect experiences around the world! Read more about Qualtrics and our values - T.A.C.O.S.

So… my #WednesdayWisdom to you… Continually look and find your purpose. Look for an experience to match it… but don’t stop there. Your ‘why’, your purpose, will continue to grow and evolve with every life and career experience you have. Never stop asking yourself “What is my ‘why’... today?” and be sure you are doing it!

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Shaunda Zilich // Global Talent Brand Manager

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