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Engineering Services

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About Engineering Services

There will be times when you need some help building your Qualtrics project. You may want to do something that can only be achieved with JavaScript (and you don’t know JavaScript), or something that is incredibly difficult to build on the platform by yourself.

For projects of this caliber, you would contact Qualtrics’ Engineering Services. Engineering Services is a paid service that will design and build Qualtrics projects for you. Our team is made up of experts who know the product inside and out, and who can help you find solutions to suit any field of research.

The best person to contact when you want to pursue Engineering Services is your Customer Success Representative. Together, you can plan your projects’ objectives and figure out the features you’ll need to successfully perform your research. When you’re done, you’ll send this information to your Account Executive, who will then confer with Engineering Services on your behalf.

Custom Conjoint

If you need more from Qualtrics than a Choice-Based Conjoint, our Engineering Services team can build it! Any conjoint you desire is available for custom build. Follow the instructions in the section above to get started.