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Rockend + Qualtrics

“We’re making better decisions and optimizing our experiences.”

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Serving over 5,500 customers in Australia and New Zealand, Rockend provides innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use property management, strata management, document management, and real estate trust accounting software.


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For 38 years Rockend has been the property software leader in Australia and New Zealand. In order to maintain their position in an increasingly crowded market, Rockend invested in Qualtrics Experience Management (XM)—the only platform that would allow them to continuously monitor and improve the customer, employee, product, and brand experience.

How do you do more with Experience data?

Using Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Rockend centralized their experience (X-Data) from across the company.

Moving to a single experience management platform

Rockend was seeking to move beyond conventional metrics and make more decisions based on human feedback—whether that feedback pertained to the customer, employee, product, or brand experience. But with their experience data only available to certain departments and personnel, they couldn’t connect insights and drive company-wide improvement efforts.

With Qualtrics XM, Rockend gained the ability to gather and analyse experience data from
all four core experiences on one platform. Now, with experience insights available across the organisation, touchpoints at every stage of the customer and employee journey are easy to monitor and improve in real time.

Connecting customers, employees, product, and brand

Total experience management goes beyond customer service. Along with optimising the customer experience, Rockend is

  • Identifying training gaps, developing top performers, and optimising key moments across the employee lifecycle
  • Uncovering unmet product needs, prioritising features, measuring user experience, and predicting market adoption and change
  • Benchmarking and tracking brand awareness, equity, and perceptions—which allows researchers to identify new client segments for more effective message targeting

At Rockend, internal silos have been reduced. Leaders are thinking horizontally and usingexperience data from all four applications of the XM platform. This, combined with Qualtrics’ predictive intelligence, allows Rockend to prioritise changes to stakeholder experiences across the organisation. Business leaders now know that they are making informed choices about where to focus efforts in order to have the greatest impact.

The Bottom Line

Rockend is making all the right moves

Scott Downing

Chief Customer Officer

Qualtrics allows us to gather and analyse experience data from all four core experiences on one platform. That enables us to connect more insights, make better decisions, and improve all stakeholder experiences.

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