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Qualtrics Now Available for Wider Use by U.S. Federal Agencies

It’d be impossible to list all the ways federal agencies affect our daily lives. They work to safeguard our national security, monitor our environmental resources, provide for health services, and s...

By Trevor DeLew

Top Three Ways You Can Find Survey Respondents

Even if your research project is designed to perfection, it won’t be effective if you don’t get the right survey respondents. Getting them is critical, but it's also hard. So we offer three pro...

By Qualtrics

Why Using Grid Questions Is Probably Hurting Your Data

Even for experienced researchers, intuition about survey design often runs counter to best practices outlined in survey methodology literature. One of the question types that we see used in web survey...

By Dave Vannette

How to Build Your Own Interactive Quiz

Interactive quizzes or online surveys are a great way to engage and convert customers. How do I know this? Well, not only have I spent an embarrassing amount of time taking online quizzes (Last wee...

By Rachel Barker

6 Essential Elements of a Successful Customer Experience Program

In today’s technology-driven world, the customer is king. We hear this all the time, but very few companies really figure out how to keep the customer at the forefront of their business. The compani...

By Ryan Nelsen

How to Keep Your Surveys Out of the Spam Folder

You’ve put a lot of work into writing your survey questions, choosing your Target Audience and getting your survey ready for distribution. After you hit the send button, all your respondents need to...

By Braydon Anderson

Profiling Survey Questions: A Template You Can Use Right Away

A profiling survey is used to collect key demographic information about newly recruited panel members (e.g. gender, age, occupation, etc.). These surveys are used to improve your panel members’ expe...

By Braydon Anderson

10 Tips for Building Effective Surveys

You don’t have to be an expert to build and distribute an effective online survey, but by checking your survey against tried-and-tested benchmarks, you can help ensure you’re collecting the best d...

By Dave Vannette

The Dos and Don'ts of Ranking Questions

Ranking questions are an important asset in the survey designers’ toolbox, but they can be tricky to use effectively. Researchers often want to ask respondents to rank huge lists to see what people ...

By Dave Vannette

Journey Mapping Q&A: Anatomy Of A Customer Journey Map

If you haven’t mapped out your customers’ journey, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Customer journey maps will help you provide your customers’ better experiences and generate grea...

By Kerry Bodine

Biased Data Are Bad Data: How to Think About Question Order

The order in which you ask questions can make a huge difference in your data. If you’re not careful, you can inadvertently anchor your respondents and bias your data. And no one wants that.  ...

By Dave Vannette

4 Key Steps to Recruiting Your Own Research Panel

In a previous Panel Management blog post, we discussed why your organization should have an in-house research panel. With access to your own research panel you can do more research, gain faster insigh...

By Braydon Anderson

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