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Clarabridge Engage Now Supports Instagram DMs and Instagram Shops

Just over 10 years ago, an app was launched enabling you to take pictures, enhance them through predefined filters, and share with your friends. Who could predict that this app would soon gather over a billion users and grow to become one of the most widely used apps for messaging and live video? A lot has changed in those 10 years (including acquisition by Facebook!), but the app’s name remains the same: Instagram.

As Instagram grew its user base, companies started to look at opportunities to reach and engage with the Instagram community. Brands learned how to present themselves on Instagram but lacked direct sales opportunities. That changed with the advent of ads and got a further boost when Instagram Shops was announced earlier this year. Instagram enables businesses to add shopping tags to their photos and videos. Users can tap on the shopping tags to learn more about an item and make a purchase. This is huge during a time where the growth of online shopping seems to know no boundaries.

Instagram has become one of the most widely used messaging apps. It has also quickly grown to be a place where consumers discover, research, and often decide whether to buy a product or service. And with the advent of Instagram Shops, it’s driving sales for brands. Instagram has achieved a triple combo here that makes it a no-brainer for any company:

  • An immense number of active users
  • Targeted ads
  • The end-to-end online shopping experience

And now, Messenger API will support Instagram Messaging. This is huge. As a company, you can know who is interested in your product as consumers initiate chats with you on Instagram. You can answer any questions the consumer might have … and seal the deal at the moment. With Clarabridge Engage, we have made it extremely easy! We have already integrated with Instagram Direct Messages and Instagram Shops.

The added value of all this should be clear: companies now have the ability to open an online shop on a platform that is home to over a billion consumers. And thanks to Instagram Messaging for businesses and Clarabridge Engage, your customer service and sales teams can work together to answer inquiries and close deals.

“We are thrilled that Clarabridge is launching support for Instagram messaging. Businesses and people are messaging with each other more than ever, and Instagram is an important channel to connect with customers and build relationships,” Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger.

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