You know the old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” Virtually everyone would agree that getting multiple minds on a project results in deeper thought and better insights than what’s possible working in isolation. Well, it’s no different when building surveys and analyzing results.

We’re big believers in the power of collaboration, so that’s why we’ve built it right into our survey platform. The collaboration feature in Qualtrics Research Suite is found on the “My Surveys” tab to the right of the name of the survey you wish to share. 

This one-click collaboration gives you the ability to share your surveys with your colleagues, but allows you to limit what they can see and do. For example, a professor might allow a research student to help with the creation of a survey, but not allow them to see the results.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Collaborating Across Your Organization

Collaborating within an organization can help speed up projects. For example, instead of only one person working on the survey and periodically updating the rest of the team, anyone on the team can check on the progress and help in the creation process. Sweet!

To start collaborating your Qualtrics surveys across your organization, just go to the “User and Group Address Book” and search for your colleague, set the permissions and select “Save”. The survey will automatically be added to their Qualtrics account. It’s that simple!

QTip: What if I can’t find somebody in the Address Book? Well, then they’re likely not in the same organization as you. This happens occasionally at universities where different colleges and departments have their own account. If this is the case, follow the steps below on how to collaborate outside of your organization. Problem solved!

Collaborating Outside of Your Organization

Collaborating outside of your organization is quite common. For example, professors at different universities will often work on the same survey together. If you wish to collaborate with someone outside of your organization, you first want to ensure that you both have the “Collaborate Outside of Brand” permission enabled on your accounts. If you’re not sure that you have this permission enabled, contact the Qualtrics Administrator at your organization. Don’t know who this person is? No worries! Contact the Contact Support and they’ll get you set up.

Once all collaborators have the “Collaborate Outside of Brand” permission enabled, you can share away. Simply enter the email addresses by selecting ‘add’, personalize the email message if necessary, select ‘OK’, set the appropriate permissions and select ‘Save’. Done!

Afterward, your colleague will receive an email with a “Collaboration Code”. He or she simply enters this into the account on the “My Surveys” page to add the survey. Bam!

So give our collaboration feature a try! This is just one feature that our users love.

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