As a kid, did you ever read the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series? I remember spending most of my childhood outdoors, but when I was forced inside, these books helped keep the adventure going.

At Qualtrics, we believe surveys should be an adventure. Using technology to take your audience on a journey can be fun. Now, I’m not saying every survey needs to be like riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, but they should be engaging.

As you may know, the inaugural Qualtrics Insight Summit took place last month in Salt Lake City. Some of the brightest minds in research and customer experience, including brands such as HP, MetLife, DeVry Education Group and many more joined Qualtrics experts on stage to share their knowledge and expertise.

We had over 25 breakout sessions and, in case you couldn’t make the trip to SLC, I wanted to give you a taste of one of them. In the session titled, “Advanced Survey Creation for the Research Suite Master Chef,” we fired up the Research Suite burners to show 3 advanced techniques and features to make research more impactful, while still keeping it easy to manage.  We’re hosting a live webinar on March 20 covering these same topics. Attendees at the conference left this session with three takeaways that they could implement right away.

Here are the topics we covered:

Survey Flow

There are several ways to make your surveys adaptable to the respondent. Survey flow is just one way to do this. For example, what if your audience could start the survey on their desktop then switch to their tablet or smartphone and continue the survey where they left off? This can all be done in survey flow, with zero coding.


Triggers are invaluable and often underutilized. How would you like to send your survey to one person and have them easily nominate friends and colleagues to take your survey, as well? Qualtrics Research Suite makes it easy by recording profile information in a panel and then sending custom invites automatically.

Advanced Logic

Display logic is the perfect way to customize the survey experience. For example, in-page display logic works instantaneously and forces a question to appear below based on what is answered above.

Embedded Data

Nobody likes being asked the same question twice. Embedded data is a powerful way to personalize your respondents’ experience and is an important element in bringing all of the above features together. Amazing things happen when you begin leveraging information that you already have about your respondents before they even take the survey. Embedded Data can also be used to filter your reports, and that’s just the beginning.

Be sure to join us for a live webinar on March 20. We’ll provide an inside look at all of the advanced features above, along with real uses cases that are applicable, even if you’ve never used Qualtrics before. Hope to see you there!