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2022 consumer trends:
Listen or lose out

We spoke to 23,000 people around the world to understand how satisfied they were with the companies they buy from. Their message was clear: they want and demand better experiences, or they’ll go elsewhere. In fact, bad experiences are costing businesses some $4.7 trillion in consumer spending every year globally, as consumers refuse to spend money with businesses that don’t meet their expectations.

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Consumers have new demands in 2022 and businesses will need to get on top of these new trends if they want to stay relevant. Consumers want to feel heard, and they want to see change happen when they ask for it. Ignore their requests, and it’s clear you’ll face the consequences. Switching providers is now easier than ever, so you get one chance to make a great impression – or you’ll see your customers leave for your competitors.

Tap into the minds of consumers and adapt your strategy by reading our 2022 consumer trends report.


Customers have had enough,
and they’re willing to walk


Toss out the pre-2022
business plan


Consumers will stop engaging, unless you take action


Consumers want to be treated
as people, not commodities

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trend one

Customers have had enough,
and they’re willing to walk

Customers are no longer willing to spend money with businesses that don’t meet their expectations. In fact, with the cost of switching providers almost zero, brands have up to 9.5% of their revenue at risk due to bad experiences.

As consumers weed out businesses that tolerate bad experiences, the risk for those that miss the mark is huge, and the opportunity for those that get it right is even greater.

In 2022, consumers want the experience tailored to their needs, or they’ll find another provider. This makes your customer experience more important than ever.

To keep their attention, you’ll need to:

  • Stop relying on consumer forgiveness – tolerance is at a low
  • Create a zero-tolerance culture for bad experiences
  • Earn customer trust and consistently deliver
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trend two

Toss out the pre-2022
business plans

The gap between consumer expectation and what businesses provide is bigger than ever. What consumers buy, where they buy, and how they use their purchases have changed – and continue to do so. And many businesses are failing to respond, perhaps waiting for us to revert back to the old ways. Doing so will cause them to fall further behind.

8 in 10 consumers want to see improvements across the board. Prices and fees, customer service, product capabilities and ease of use in particular fall short and consumers want to see companies act.

Companies will need to take a fresh look at everything to understand once more what’s working, what’s not, and identify the right actions to take.
To keep their attention, you’ll need to:

  • Radically overhaul your customer service
  • Think customer, not channel
  • Make agile your default setting
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2022 consumer trends report

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trend three

Consumers will stop engaging,
unless you take action

Two-thirds of consumers want you to do a better job of listening.

They’re telling you where you’re going wrong – but your response isn’t meeting the mark.

Requesting feedback has become table stakes for any business. But consumers are clear – if they’re going to give you feedback, they expect a response.

A lack of personalization and a disconnect between feedback and action will cost you their business. How will you tailor your approach and save your customer relationships?

For 2022, you’ll need to listen harder and demonstrate to your customers that you hear them and that their voice matters.

You’ll need to:

  • Listen, wherever your customers are
  • See the whole picture
  • Track the ROI of customer experience
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trend four

Consumers want to be treated
as people, not commodities

Consumers have reevaluated their relationships with brands and found them wanting. Their tolerance of poor experiences is as low as it’s ever been. They expect businesses to treat them as people, and to put them and their needs first – and they’re willing to buy more from those that do.

62% of consumers said businesses need to care more about them, and 60% of consumers would buy more as a result.

To build authentic relationships, you’ll need to:

  • Turn data into insight – this is where meaningful improvements begin
  • Sense how they feel and respond accordingly
  • Make one-to-many feel like one-to-one
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