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Experience is Everything at Qualtrics

Ready to make your dreams come true? Experience is everything.

We believe in having “experiences” as a benefit at Qualtrics, but fulfilling a “dream” is not the only benefit we believe is important for an overall great employee experience.

The “Benefit” of Experiences

One of the best things about working for an “experience management” company, is the belief in the power of experiences. Specifically, their power to shape us as employees, and as people. This year, we introduced a new benefit to encourage employees to explore new experiences - ideally those they have only dreamed about having.

The benefit is called an “experience bonus.” It is $1,500 for all employees who have worked at the company longer than a year. It should be used to fund a ‘dream’ - something you would not otherwise try on your own. Qualtrics employees have already used it for experiences ranging from taking their families to Disney World to visiting the building orphanages in the Philippines and more.

It is a unique benefit, according to a recently released SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) article that encourages employees to “savor life” and follow dreams.

While the article "Company Perk Pay Employees to Follow Their Dreams" aptly describes our big experience benefit, this is just the tipping point of how Qualtrics thinks about the experiences of both its customer and employee.

How Other “Experiences” Benefit Employees

Beyond the directive to “have an experience”, Qualtrics also supports the experiences that are a part of an employee’s everyday life.

We know it is not about work/life balance but work/life integration. We know that employees are looking for something that completes their purpose not just in their career but in life.

This integration starts with an emphasis on Total Rewards for employees. This includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, 20+ days of annual leave, generous retirement fund contributions, bonuses, and tons of upward career mobility. With good health, we are able to focus on enjoying our lives inside and outside the office.

Apart from health, we also believe in the ‘Work Hard/Play Harder’ mentality. For every bit of hard work we put in, we have twice the fun. Whether that means taking a break in a massage chair, hitting the slopes after work, grabbing a beer in the Dublin office pub, throwing a frisbee with "man’s best friend" in the garden at Provo, or enjoying Seattle’s rooftop patio overlooking the Puget Sound, we find ways to “play” in our surroundings. Qualtrics makes sure that employees take time to recharge and live it up.

As you can tell making your ‘dreams come true’ with a bonus is just one of the ways we care about our employees. We are continually listening and adding/changing what we do to take ultimate care of our employee experience.

The Qualtrics Experience

After all, we have the brightest and most amazing employees! We are made up of A-players, not A-holes. We don’t hire cutthroat individuals who only care about themselves. We hire top performers with a wide array of professional and personal experience. Our employees are driven, intelligent, diverse and interesting people who work well in teams and know how to have fun.

Are you ready to join our team? Are you ready to make your dreams come true? Have you been looking for a company like Qualtrics that believes in what we are doing and why we are doing it but even more in our employees ‘why’? You have found your fit! Check out open opportunities in this hyper-growth company today!

Stay tuned to our #QualtricsLife blog and social channels on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see a showcase of stories of how employees are using their ‘dream stipend’ this summer.

Qualtrics Life

Qualtrics Life is nothing more or less than a collection of the stories, experiences, and voices of the people of Qualtrics.

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