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My Qualtrics Experience – Lisa Lewis – Marketing – Provo

What did you choose as your Qualtrics Experience?

So this wasn't your normal vacation, but this year I used my Qualtrics Experience and PTO to TAKE JANUARY OFF! I have always struggled with seasonal affective disorder and this year I was able to spend 3 weeks of January in St. George, Utah. I went outside every day, went hiking, on walks, played tennis, listened to my audiobooks. All with my little newborn baby. It was a dream. Not a typical vacation, but getting out of the inversion and cold for so long did WONDERS for my mental and emotional well being.

One of our objectives at Qualtrics is to encourage employees to Learn, Lead, and Live. What did you learn through this experience?

Vacationing in January is the only way to Live! Taking so much time off really allowed me to focus on self-improvement, my relationships, and my hobbies. I listened to and read a ton of self-improvement and business books that I normally don't get a chance to read.

This is just one more example of why you might want to check out our open opportunities at Qualtrics and see if you are a fit!

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Lisa is in our Marketing department in Provo, UT at Qualtrics.  She has her bachelors from the University of Utah and has held several other Marketing positions in other area companies.


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